Spooky Spider Hands Mommy & Me Shirts

Up close with my 28 week belly

It’s September 30th, one day away from October, which means Halloween is close enough to get excited about. And I am. I’m busting out my TuTu Cute Halloween Wreath this weekend and putting up some spooktacular decorations. I couldn’t wait until the weekend to get into the the spooky spirit, though. I had a need […]

One of My Favorite Toddler Things


I have an addiction… to diaper bags… mainly, to Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bags. It started with a gorgeous brocade Lemongrass Roll Shoulder Bag that I got on super sale from RegentsSecrets.com (which I’m pretty sure doesn’t exist anymore) months before Kendall was born. I knew not the Pandora’s Box of wonder I just opened. […]

Back To Basics- DIY Paper Planner


I had every intention of organizing my life digitally, to fit all the details of my appointments, play dates, to-dos and tasks within the confines of my Iphone when I first got it at the beginning of the year. 2010 was going to be the year of the “digitally organized me.” The plan was to […]

You Might Be In The Third Trimester If…

You might be in the third trimester if you have to employ one of the following techniques to groom your bikini line- 3rd person waxing, begging your partner to shave it for you (and praying they don’t take that as foreplay), awkward mirror in the shower placement, the risky blind shave. You might be in […]