Signing Off and Heading Out to Blogher!

I had every intention of getting a potty training progress report up for you all before I called it quits for the week on here, but I’m too busy FREAKING OUT (while simultaneously procrastinating) about flying to NYC tomorrow morning for 4 days where I will have the honor of rubbing elbows (and hopefully speaking to) a lot of super awesome blogging ladies (and gents!). I really hope I can pull this off without coming off as a chihuahua on Red Bull.

I get to attend informative and inspiring sessions, cocktail parties, dress up, shower uninterrupted and leave my diaper bag at home. I get to go a whole 4 days without reminding myself every 45 minutes to take the toddler to the toilet! I don’t have to make 2 plates at every meal, I won’t have to worry about sharing my really yummy snacks or hiding them. My water bottle will not be tainted with slime and floaties. I’d like to pretend that my conversations will be entirely about things that don’t revolve around poop and tantrums, but who am I kidding? I’ll commiserate with anyone who will listen. They will, however, be uninterrupted by the constant sound of, “MOMMA!” in the background.

Oh sure, I’ll miss the little terrorist, but this grown-up break is coming at the perfect time. He and his father could really use the bonding time in this hellish heat. They will, undoubtedly, eat leftover pizza the whole time, and I’ll be lucky if they go to the pool because that will probably be the only “bathing” they do. Truthfully, though, I know he’ll be an angel for his father because that’s what happens when I’m not around- he’s marvelous.

I am so, so, so grateful to my fantabulous sponsor BornFree for sending me. If you’re going to be at Blogher, too (or if you’re reading this from Blogher), please find me so I can give you some awesome BornFree products! And if you can’t make it, don’t worry. I have three prize packs that I’m giving away to people at home. Keep an eye on my Twitter account and my Facebook page over the next few days to see how to win.

I’ve got my business cards ready, my outfits picked out, my teeny tiny toiletries purchased. I even have two cans of spray on body glitter for Sparklecorn Saturday night. The whole thing feels like getting ready to head to cheerleading camp… but that’s just the chihuahua who might pee if she gets too excited in me speaking. Now I just need to make myself pack, which is quite the daunting task at this point, and one I feel might require a Frosty from Wendys before starting… or a nap… or both. Oh yes, I will be up until midnight. Also? I have to make a tutu to run/walk in to support this brave guy.

While I’m looking forward to all I’ll learn and to the parties and the dressing up, I’m most looking forward to finally putting a face and an audible voice to these inspiring and powerful bloggers I’ve come to know over the last few years. If I leave Blogher with just a handful of real new relationships, that will be worth more than all the swag in the world.

I may or may not blog from the road, post pictures, etc. I’m not going to commit to anything, though. My schedule is packed from the minute my feet touch the ground at LGA, and right now I’m just really worried about how I’m going to make it through 4 days without a nap. I’ll be sure to check back in on Monday with at least a tiny recap.

Finally, just allow me to get a touch sappy with you all for a minute. THANK YOU. No, really. Thank you, thank you so much for reading, for commenting, for emailing, for supporting me and laughing with me. This blog has taken me on quite the amazing journey the last few years and I’ve loved getting to know so many of you. Thank you for peeking into my world and sharing yours with me. I never intended for this “place” to become what it has for me, but I’m grateful for the way it’s grown the opportunities it’s given me, and none of that would be possible without you all and the relationships I’ve made here. Not only is this a creative outlet for me and an escape, but it’s also a place where I can hear from people who can relate, who will give me advice, who will make me feel a little less isolated, a little more “normal.” Baby Rabies may be up for Blog I’ve Learned The Most From at the BlogLuxe awards (and, again, thank you for that!), but I am the one who has learned the most from all of you.

Have a wonderful end of the week and weekend! I’ll be back next week and I promise to get around to doing what I do best these days- discussing toddler poop and how to get it into a toilet. I’m sure I’ll have many misadventures to share, too.

If you’re just now coming to my blog, perhaps after seeing me at Blogher (or after I assaulted you with my high-pitched, super fast speaking voice as I attempted to introduce myself to you), and want to know more about me (or how to put a restraining order on me), check out my “About” page and these links (though not completely updated, but a good overview of the first couple years on here- sorry! freaking out has really stunted my productivity and this project fell to the wayside). Most of all, feel free to email me or reach out to me on Twitter or Facebook. I know I won’t get to talk to every person there, and certainly not for the length of time I wish I could. I hope we can get to know each other more after the conference.

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  1. Have fun, I’m so jealous! Your blog rocks and is the first one I ever read. I laughed and commiserated with you so much at the image of your son laying on the ground because it was all your fault.. my son so does this on a daily basis now!

  2. Have a great time! I love your blog and I’m really proud of you! Can’t wait to read about it when you get back!

  3. No, THANK YOU, Jill. It is actually because of you that I am inspired to become a better mommy blogger. And you have also inspired me to make it to BlogHer in 2011.

    So you have fun this year, okay? I cannot wait to meet you next year after my blog has grown up a bit!

  4. SO jealous that you’re at Blogher!! Have a blast – wear a pad to catch the dribbles! (I seriously lol’d when I read the chihuahua part – I think my husband thinks I’m nuts)

  5. So happy for you! This will be so much fun for you. Remember to take it all in stride and if you hit a rough patch think how much less difficult is is by not have you little “terrorist” with you. 😉

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