Let’s Fantasize About Fall

I could use a little reality escape from this heat (by the way, just got back from the pool where we waded around in 90 degree water and Kendall insisted on shoving every toy of his into the water intake- FUN TIMES!).

Let’s think about Halloween. It is only 2.5 months away, and if this were Christmas we’re talking about, Jingle Bells would be playing on the radio already.

So tell me, any costume ideas? What are dressing your kiddos (and/or yourself) as? Are you making one?

I was so, so, so in love with Baby Style costumes before they went under. Kendall’s had one the last 2 years. I recall them having an octopus one that I think would be cute if I could find it on Ebay, but I’m not sure if he’ll actually like wearing it this year since he’s 2 and all of the sudden thinks his opinion matters.

1st Halloween as a shark

2nd Halloween as a duck

I like the idea of making one, but I can pretty much only sew straight lines and I run the opposite direction, screaming at the mere thought of zippers and button holes.

Tell me what you plan on doing. I’d love to see links to ideas and tutorials if you have them!

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  1. I’m pretty sure we’ll be doing a pirate costume this year, since my daughter is obsessed with pirates…though, being a tow year old, this may change by Halloween! She was a pirate last year too so maybe the costume will still fit and we can reuse it 🙂

  2. umm, holy chubby baby legs in the first picture. I kind of want to eat them. So cute.

    I have no idea what Madison will be this year. Last year we had this little Tiger costume from Walmart since she was only 1 month old. We took her to a pumpkin patch and posed her in a bunch of different places to get some adorable pictures.

    I can’t wait to hear others ideas because I think this Halloween will be really fun with her at 13 months old.

  3. My little girl will be a ladybug. She will be 9 months old and I can’t wait. I found an amazing deal at Costco last week 11.99 for Carter’s costumes. I got my nephew a Monkey outfit. They are going to be sooooo stinkin cute!

  4. Amelia was a ladybug last year with a costume from The Children’s Place. But we didn’t actually go anywhere or do anything with her in it.

    This year she’ll be 21 months old and we’ll probably try to get out and get some free candy that I might let her eat one or two pieces of, ;). She’s not terribly verbal but just recently started “meowing” so I’m taking advantage of that being one of her 5 words and dressing her as a kitty cat. =)

    Probably this costume: http://bit.ly/8XnuWa

  5. i think we’re going to have to do two costumes for cayden this year. we’re throwing a party on halloween, and plan on have a heroes & villains theme. jeremy, cayden and i are all dressing up as villains – from clockwork orange. and while fun for us, i’m thinking for events at work, and pumpkin patch photos, it’s just not going to translate. so i need to get on that other idea.

    and i have no opposition to talking about halloween so early in the year. i think it just might be my favorite holiday. next to christmas, of course.

  6. I love it when little kids are spiders and their arms are attached to the other 6 so they all move in unison. So adorable!

    Conor was a monkey last year. He might be a banana this year. Martha always has great, creative costume ideas.

  7. I’m kind of freaking out over not knowing what Zachary will be for Halloween this year.

    To the point of putting it in my to-do list software “Figure out Zachary’s Halloween costume” with a due date of September 15th. You know, if I get to that due date and there is no costume idea yet…. I am so screwed.

  8. Last year, my husband and I made our daughter’s costume. She was supposed to be a goomba (the brown mushroom things from Super Mario) but for some reason at the last minute we changed our mind and she went as a unicorn. This year, I’m thinking we’re going to use the goomba costume for our son and our daughter will be a witch. I love Halloween, I’m super excited.

  9. Last year my son was a lemur. It was awesome! We bought the costume at Target and it’s pretty much my favorite kids Halloween costume ever. I’m hoping baby #2 fits in it next year. As for this year? Crud. I need ideas. Thanks so much for adding *another* thing to my to-do list, lol.

  10. Since it is still so unbelievably hot on Halloween here in S Florida I think Luke will be a superhero this year. I *may* make the costume since I believe it is easy. Or if I’m too lazy I will just buy one off of etsy. He’s 2 as well and I’m wondering if he’ll keep the cape around his neck. I’m thinking of sewing it onto the back of his shirt or something instead.

    • Sewing it on is a good idea. I teach at a school that lets kids dress up around Halloween (providing they aren’t wearing masks or scary costumes.) The pre-school/kindergarten kids were tugging and pulling at their neck-ties all day, and quite a few capes were left on the playground by lunch. But maybe your kid isn’t as bothered by stuff around his neck as some are? Just though I’d throw in my (unnecessary) 2 cents.

  11. 2 words (well really one) BABYLEGS! They’ve expaned their general theme type of stuff to inclue things like bats for batman and so on and so forth. I bought 2 pair of the pumpkin ones when they were $2/pair on EARTH day. I plan on making some sort of ‘pumpkin’ patch type of costume out of it. If they earth day like that again, I’ll get some of the other costumey ones and figure it out as I go along. Anyone wanting to do babylegs right now, they are doing a treasure hunt thing, you find the green sheep and you get a discount. Today is the last day.

  12. We skipped the first year as I had a 1 week old preemie (as in, hell, you weren’t supposed to be born yet). Last year we bought an oversized hooded sweatshirt that had tigger on the hood. It worked marvelously, and since it was ‘boy’s’ 18 months, it will still fit her this year, should this year’s idea fail miserably! We pushed her around- at 1 year! in a stroller and did the merchant’s halloween thing and a trunk or treat, but she couldn’t eat any of the candy except to taste the chocolate. This year should be different!

  13. My son was a vampire last year – he was 4 months old. This year I think he’s being Yoda, because the costume is pretty lightweight and we can put warm clothes underneath if it’s warmer. The weather is a crap-shoot here in the Philly area.

    Plus the Yoda costume looks just adorable for toddlers! I don’t have the time or skills to make a costume – I wish I could!

  14. Depending on your energy level, a penguin is a REALLY easy costume to make. Black hoodie, black sweatpants, whipstitch an orange felt beak to the front of the hood, felt eyes on the sides and a white felt oval to the front of the hoodie. Orange slipper socks (or regular orange socks with puffy-painted soles) or Crocs work as feet. 🙂

  15. I’m planning on a newly-turned-one-year-old garden gnome over here! I’m thinking a green long sleeve shirt, overalls, tall red cap, and possible beard.

  16. Last year my friend’s mother made her son a Blues Clues costume out of an ordinary Blue footed-pajama Onesie. She put on a “cold-weather” hat like thing that snaps in front of his neck and sewed little Blue ears with spots on it….was sooooooo freakin cute, and pretty cheap also.

  17. My son’s favorite stuffed animal is his “Mousey” (the mouse from the “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” books). So I think I’m going to *try* to make him a “Mousey” costume. It should be pretty easy… brown sweatsuit, cute little mouse ears and red overalls.

  18. I’ve convinced the hubs to dress up with us if we go with the theme of his choosing: Star Wars. DH & Calloway will battle it out for Darth Vader & Luke Skywalker, Ari will be Yoda and I’m going to be Chewie. Or the big slug thing. 😀

    Heat index is 110 in the Bluegrass today – HOT HOT HOT! I can’t wait for fall.

  19. Last year our daughter was 6 months on Halloween and she was a butterfly. We got handmade wings on Etsy and a tutu on etsy as well where i got to pick the colors. It was GORGEOUS!!! I also got a little beanie with one of those big flower clips for nighttime when it got cold and she wore tights and two long sleeve onesies. I also had a lamb costume too that was precious but I LOVED the handmade butterfly best!!! I will prob get costume off etsy this year bc like u sewing and me are not the best of partners LOL

  20. You can just call me a Halloween failure the past two years. Year 1 he was three months old and screamed his head off when we put him in the batman costume. It lasted 5 minutes.

    Year 2 we waited until the last minute and there was nothing left. DH ran into walmart and bought him a football costume that was 3 sizes too big. I cut the pants with scissors so they would fit. We took photos and 5 minutes later he wanted nothing to do with it.

    I highly doubt year 3 will be any different.

  21. Peyton was a monkey last year. We got it at the Children’s Place, and she loooved it! I tried putting it on her a few days ago, and she wanted nothing to do with it. 🙁 I’m hoping that isn’t an indication of what this halloween is going to be like. She was a skunk her first halloween, and ds (due in 3 weeks!) will be that, and my plan is do have Peyton be a garden gnome. Skunks and garden gnomes coordinate, right?

  22. Nathan was Robin from Batman for his first Halloween. I made that one out of onesies that I dyed. Last year he wore a monkey costume from the Children’s Place for all of 10 minutes because it was too hot while hubby and I were zoo keepers.

    This year, he’s going to be a pirate (as of right now at least) and we’re going to dress up as pirates too. It should be interesting because we’re actually going to take him out to the houses this year.

  23. If C has her way she will be Cinderella. I’d rather see her be Olivia the Pig. We already have a red jumper. I’d just have to find red and white striped shirt and pants and pig ears with red bows.

  24. If Addie has her way, we will be Jessie the Cowgirl a la Toy Story. UGH At least that costume will be plentiful and easy to find. I’m voting for a homemade Cinderella costume via my mother-in-law.

    And I’m wishing it was fall too! It’s too damn hot!

  25. I’m not sure what my son will be this year. Last year he was Max from Where the Wild Things Are. My husband made it and it took forever. I want to buy him a costume this year, but the hubs is already talking about making him an Ewok costume. All I know is he better get on it if he expects it to be done on time, lol 🙂

    You mentioned an octopus and I saw this one on Toys R Us’s site:

  26. my son was a rockstar last year at 6 months old. i used printer iron-on transfer paper to put the word ROCK and a lightning bolt on an old white onesie. he wore black pants, and i cut a mini electric guitar shape out of cardboard and painted it metallic blue. i cut a strip of scrap fabric for the guitar strap and he cooperated with it pretty much. he has awesome hair so i put tons of gel and spray in it to give him a mowhawk. it was awesome… i don’t know how i’ll beat it this year! here’s a pic:


  27. Last Halloween Ramona was only ten days old and I was still in that postpartum pain and lack of sleep fog so she just wore a onesie that said My Mummy is the Best and had a picture of a mummy on it. This year I have been thinking about it a lot but haven’t come up with a final decision yet. I’m pretty sure I want to make it. Originally we were talking about being Fred and Wilma Flintstone and dressing her up as Pebbles, but then I saw someone else do it and then I didn’t want to do it anymore (because I’m five and am worried about being a copycat.) I really like the idea of doing a family dress up thing because it gives me an excuse to dress up, which I love doing. But I’m also really attached to the idea of Ramona wearing a fake mustache. Maybe an old timey baseball player or wrestler? I really just want to have fun dressing her up before she’s old enough that she can pick for herself. But one I remember that was pretty cool for my brother when he was around your son’s age was a robot. He wore a gray bodysuit type thing and my mom cut up some boxes and spray painted them silver. (I think he was technically a transformer since it was the eighties, but you could use the same idea and just have a generic robot.) I have a picture somewhere if you’re interested.

  28. I was at Costco yesterday and they had a HUGE selection of Halloween costumes that were very cute. Not sure if you have a Costco near you, but might be worth a trip if so.

    I do not have any kids yet but like to dress up my puppies. 😉

  29. I had a 2.5yo and a 2mo last year at Halloween, and my older son loves sushi: so… California roll was on the menu. The babe was also a piece of sushi – egg tamago! Took a while to make, but he loved it. This year the older boy wants to be a pancake and wants his younger bro to be the syrup. I’d better get on it!


  30. My 6 year-old wants to be the princess from The Princess And The Frog, with little brother as her frog.

    I told her to take advantage if him now while he’s 2 and still willing to do whatever she wants 😉 So now I guess I need a frog costume . . .

  31. Not that it helps with costumes, but I recently forced my husband and 2 year old to go to Garden Ridge with me. They already have some Christmas decor up, and they are in full fledged Halloween mode. It helped me pretend like fall was in the near future rather than weeks more of this delightful triple digit heat index.

  32. We plan on doing a family thing and going as the Flintstones. I’m going to make the costumes, so easy! I am going to make my own pattern, I’ll post the steps and pictures when it’s done.

  33. We are going to do a Wizard of Oz or Toy Story theme… haven’t decided, if we do Wizard of Oz the boys will be the Scarecrow and the Cowardly Lion and my husband will be the TinMan and I will be Dorothy. If we do Toy Story, the boys will be Buzz and Woody, I will be Jessie and my husband will be Stinky Pete (this is very fitting!)

  34. I usually try to make my own costumes, I’m not a fan of the store bought ones. Altough, the costumes they have out there for kids these days are ADORABLE. Nothing like the plastic crap they had when I was a kid.

    Anyway, since I’m a huge Wicked (& Wizard of Oz) fan, I’m thinking about having my son (16 month old) be a munchkin. I think it will be simple enough for me to make and can layer it in case it’s cold here this year. I’m imagining striped tights, cut off pants and ripped flannel shirt. I haven’t figured out how I’m going to make his hair yet. I may need to incorporate a hat of some sort. If I can muster up the energy and funds, I’ll be going as Glinda the good witch.

  35. I love Kendall’s shark costume! Super cute! Last year DS just wore skeleton jammies. This year I think we are going with a monkey, but pirate keeps popping into my head, so we may go with that. 🙂

  36. One word that will revolutionize your halloween costume diy world – VELCRO 🙂

    He only has to wear it a few hours at a time, velcro will keep it shut and it’s super easy to sew 🙂

  37. Orion is going to be a cheeseburger. It was totally random but I saw the costume at Old Navy and HAD TO HAVE IT!! lol
    Daddy is going to be chocolate milk and I’m going to be french fries. 🙂

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