In 18 Weeks(ish)

In 18 weeks I’m going to have another baby.

In 18 weeks I’m going to be a “mother of 2.”

In 18 weeks my breasts are going to be spraying milk at innocent passersby as I walk around, topless, caring not who sees me in my very “National Geographic” state of being.

In 18 weeks I’m going to be waddling around with a heiney hoagie between my legs and cursing every time I cross them.

In 18 weeks I have to endure the mental and physical marathon and the gory after effects of (med-free) labor and delivery.

In 18 weeks I will look my husband in the eyes, mid-transition, drop every 4 letter word I can think of, call him an asshole and tell him we are NEVER DOING THIS AGAIN.

In 18 weeks I may just poop in a tub of water, a tub I still need to buy, a tub my midwife tells me makes a great “kiddie pool” later on if we’d like to get our $180 worth out of it.

In 18 weeks I hit the re-start button and give up sleep for an unforeseeable amount of time.

In 18 weeks my son’s world will be shifted, rocked, and turned upside down by this new baby who he’s supposed to share his parents with.

In 18 weeks we go to man-to-man defense.

In 18 weeks this house is going to get a lot smaller.

1n 18 weeks these mood swings are only going to get worse.

In 18 weeks I get to swaddle a tiny new baby!

In 18 weeks I get to meet my daughter.

In 18 weeks I better be ready…. will I be ready?? I don’t think 18 weeks is nearly enough time to get ready. How is it I only have 18 weeks left?

(By the way- you’ve got 18 weeks to get your Christmas Shopping done.)

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  1. Ugh, Jill. I was laughing until I read “In 18 weeks I will meet my daughter.” Pass the kleenex, please!

    You’ll be fine. I was TERRIFIED of what having two would be like. And now I can’t see my life as anything else than a “mom of 2”. It’s as wonderful as you think it is. It’s also as frustrating as you think it is. But oh man, is it the best thing ever =)

  2. Wow that sounds super overwhelming and exhausting and totally reminds me of how hard having a newborn can be. I’m so glad I’m not…oh, wait. Crap.

    I am in EXACTLY the same boat.

  3. The Christmas shopping thing scares the bejesus out of me. lol.

    Think sweet, tiny, squishy baby girl thoughts … it will be a GOOD thing! <3

  4. I’m reading this post and my two-year-old comes and sits next to me, points to your picture at the top of the page and says “pretty girl”. =)

    Had to share – hope it brightens your day.

  5. Ah, it’s not as hard as you think it will be. {That is… if you expect the worst like I did.}

    You just need a lot of coffee.
    And wine.

  6. You have 18 weeks!! But I think you are ready–plus you’ll be a pro the second time around!

    No one ever told me about the gigantic pads you wear after having a baby (or how long you have to wear them for!)…I remember seeing them and almost laughing…”heiny hoagie” is definitely a great description of them…

  7. Oh my lord. I think I just lost the ability to breathe. If you are going to be doing all of that in 18 weeks, I will be doing it all for the first time in 17 weeks!! I’m a little freaked now….

  8. If it ends up being anything like my experience the 2nd time then yes…all of the above will happen, but just like the first time, it’s worth it

  9. This is EXACTLY how I feel. Except I only have 16 weeks left and that is SO not enough time to prepare for being a Mom to 2…. eek! Thanks for posting this 🙂

  10. I am 3 weeks in at being a mom of two and it is a great feeling. Looking at your newborn and remembering how your first born was at that age. Looking at your first born and wondering how your newborn will be at that age (2yrs old). The sweet kisses and hugs that they share will make your heart melt.

  11. Home Birth? Did I miss a post? (going back to check now…) that’s awesome. I can’t wait to hear how it goes!!

    And for the rest of it, you’re going to be awesome as a mom of 2. And this time you’ll KNOW that it passes, instead of just hearing it from people until you want to slap them… or maybe that was just me. 🙂

  12. I found your blog off the blog awards. Love your truths and blunt reality.
    In 18 weeks I may think of going for my fourth babe…reading your post I think I may definitely wait that long….(or longer:)

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