I Was Inspired, Laughed Harder and Sprayed My Boobs Pink- #blogher10 recap 2

Day 2 of the conference was tough to get going for. The minimal sleep and non-existent naps really caught up to me. So Mandy and I headed out to Starbucks to fuel up, where we ran into Jen (who may not be the world’s most prolific blogger, but the girl can tweet her ass off).


I briefly contemplated skipping a session that day to catch up on some sleep and to hit up the Expo, but after sitting through my first session of the day, I snapped out of it. I was here to learn, to be inspired, to take something away from this more than free sponges and coffee mugs. Sleep be damned, I’d sleep when I got home. Baby girl would just have to deal with the extra dose of caffeine it would take to get me through the day.

I think so much of that is because my first session of the day was just. so. awesome. “Radical Blogging Moms” was lead by 2 women I’m alredy inspired by (Annie and Joanne). Plus, I got to know Stephanie and was so drawn to her story of leaving her corporate career to follow her dream to do documentary photography and lead by example while teaching her children to be okay with living with less. The pictures up throughout the session were from her project PictureHope, and I really encourage you to check it out.

I came out of this session empowered, inspired, ready to stand taller for what I believe in. A point that really resonated with me was that there’s this feeling shared among many women that once you become a mother you have to fight *harder* to get people to take you seriously, that the issues you’re standing for aren’t taken as seriously. And that pisses me off. The only way to change is for all of us to keep fighting, keep writing, keep speaking. I could go on and on with my fist raised in the air and type for hours on this, but the rest of the recap awaits… I’ll just say I’m damn glad I didn’t skip this session to collect all the free tissues and sausage my heart desired and tote bag could fit at the Expo.

After a freaking delicious lunch (seriously, gourmet) at the Hilton, it was back to business with 2 more sessions.

First up, I sat in on “The Evolving Publishing Ecosystem” where I got a ton of insight into how the publishing system works today, how much is expected of writers (and bloggers), and how to maybe get this manuscript I’ve been sitting on for over a year finished up and fancied up enough to appeal to publishers and agents.

Then to finish off my day, like a delicious, hilarious, f-bomb dropping cherry on top of a c-word dropping sundae, I got to sit in on a “session” that felt more like a date at The Improv. “Humor Writing” is such an innocuous title for such a fiery discussion lead by piss-my-pants worthy women. Once again, I was inspired. This time to censor less, to be more transparent, to have a thicker skin, to blog more but keep it brief. To just… be more funny.

Confession: I teared up a bit in the Humor Writing session because I sat there and realized that I had found ME in all aspects at this conference. I was amongst my crunchy and slightly crunchy sisters, women who were fighting hard for things I believe in, and I was amongst the gals who could understand my made up language that consists of the f-word every sentence. I was with all my tribes, and it all gelled. It all fit. I didn’t feel pressured to be a part of any one mold. I was free to be *every* aspect of myself, and I hope I show that all more here as time goes by. Sure, I’m funny. Sure, I’m passionate. Sure, I try to be “eco-friendly.” I’m all of it. So don’t stick around if you’re hoping for me to show just one slice of that here all the time. This blog is a reflection of me, as a whole, and I’m ready to broaden that. I hope you’ll hang around for the ride.

The end of the day marked the end of the conference and it all started to sink in that this was getting close to the grand finale. We were going to go out with a bang, though. A big, SPARKLY bang. And so my 3 lovely roommates and I put on our prettiest dresses, our fanciest shoes and obnoxious accessories in preparation for Sparklecorn.

In my last minute shopping spree I grabbed (what I thought to be) 2 cans of spray on glitter, one gold and one pink, from Claire’s (my first purchase from that store since I was, likely, 12). Right before we were about to head out, I grabbed my can of pink glitter and aimed it straight at my rockin’ cleavage. I mean, if there is ever a place to spray glitter, it’s your cleavage, right? Except it wasn’t glitter…

I don’t think this picture accurately conveys PEEEEENNNK that was all over my boobs, and it could be that this was snapped after Mae so kindly cleaned much of it off of me after I squealed, “Get if off!!”

We all laughed so hard I can’t believe a wardrobe change (or at least panty change) wasn’t required for any of us. Turns out that can was actually pink hair spray, not glitter.

Wardrobe malfunctions aside (oh, it was a hoot watching Mandy try to get her fishnet tights on), we cleaned up real nice if I do say so myself.

Sparklecorn was all it promised to be. Sparkly, fun, dancing, glow sticks. UNICORN CAKE by Charm City Cakes!

We shook it on the dance floor, and the stage, and by the table. And when it was over, we crashed a little party called CheesburgHer. Beth Anne and I were particularly ravenous and vowed to get our hands on some of the so good but so bad McDonalds cheeseburgers promised to be at the affair. There were lounge beds and a photo booth and more dancing. Honestly, had it just been a cold, concrete room with nothing but stacks of cheeseburgers, that would have been enough for me. Did I mention I never really had time to eat at Blogher? More on that in my next post.

Oh, yes. I’m still not done. The next one will be for those of you who plan to go next year (and for myself so I don’t forget).

For now, I’m going to take a nap and dream of eating another cheeseburger. Hell, I might even have to have one for dinner. I think my appetite is still making up for all the meals I skipped over the weekend.

(If you missed my recap part 1, check here.)

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