For Funsies- 1/2 Way There Belly Pic

Consider this a Tuesday bonus, or an early Wordless Wednesday (although the real Wednesday isn’t looking to be all that wordless if I can carve out some more time to write). Anyway, whatever you call it, it’s a belly pic with a shout out to baby girl’s favorite food, taken by my lovely friend Mandy (and her BAD. ASS. Olympus Pen camera, which I really wanted to steal) at Blogher.

Looks like the belly has officially surpassed the boobs in the growth department. And yes, those are HUGE bags under my eyes. I don’t wear exhaustion very well.

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  1. Y’all are very sweet 🙂 And I had no idea this picture is so dark! Looked so much lighter before I uploaded it. Photoshop skillz- I haz none.

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