Pretty In Pink… or Purple, Penis Still Intact

A lovely Bum Genius 4.0 we're testing out

This morning I was DE-LIGHTED to see offering the fantabulous, super-awesome, life saving, colic soothing Miracle Blanket for $15. I pounced on that bad boy and ordered one right away. We only had one for Kendall, and I planned to add another to the stash before this baby arrives so we might be able […]

LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE!! Consignment Style


I’d been counting down the days until yesterday for months. It was the BIG SHOW, the MAIN EVENT, the SUPER BOWL FOR MOMS… it was consignment sale day. I had a plan, a prioritized list, a budget (ugh), and caffeine and sugar coursing through my pregnant veins. I was not above using my belly to […]

Because, Apparently, A Name Can Determine Future Dental Hygiene

My least favorite part of bringing a new life into this world? Not sure, but naming them is in the running. It goes a little something like this around here… What about (name)? No, that’s too trendy. There are already a million (name) and I’d like to not add another to the mix. What about […]

Potty Training Progress Report

“Get used to it now, your life will revolve around pee and poop for most of the foreseeable future. And let me just say, newborn poop has nothing on watching your toddler drop a man-sized turd in the toilet. THAT? Might make you gag.” Those were my encouraging words of wisdom to one of my […]