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Pretty In Pink… or Purple, Penis Still Intact

This morning I was DE-LIGHTED to see offering the fantabulous, super-awesome, life saving, colic soothing MiracleView full post »


LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE!! Consignment Style

I’d been counting down the days until yesterday for months. It was the BIG SHOW, the MAIN EVENT, the SUPER BOWL FOR MOMS…View full post »


Because, Apparently, A Name Can Determine Future Dental Hygiene

My least favorite part of bringing a new life into this world? Not sure, but naming them is in the running. It goes a little something likeView full post »


Potty Training Progress Report

“Get used to it now, your life will revolve around pee and poop for most of the foreseeable future. And let me just say, newborn poopView full post »


I Did A Little Decorating Today

Despite the fact that the man promised me I would maintain full control over the temperature of the house throughoutView full post »


In 18 Weeks(ish)

In 18 weeks I’m going to have another baby. In 18 weeks I’m going to be a “mother of 2.” In 18 weeks my breasts areView full post »


Saying Goodbye to Being A Boy Mom

I’ve mentioned here before, and I’ve certainly stated to my friends and family (back before I found out we were having a girl)View full post »


Let’s Fantasize About Fall

I could use a little reality escape from this heat (by the way, just got back from the pool where we waded around in 90 degree water andView full post »


Satan’s Playground

Allow me to be dramatic. Like you have a choice. Like you EVER have a choice. It is so hot here I want to curl up and stuff myself in theView full post »


Some Notes For Next Year- my FINAL #blogher10 post

I promise. I just want to get some things down before I forget them next year, mainly for myself, but also for those of you thinking aboutView full post »


For Funsies- 1/2 Way There Belly Pic

Consider this a Tuesday bonus, or an early Wordless Wednesday (although the real Wednesday isn’t looking to be all that wordless if IView full post »


I Was Inspired, Laughed Harder and Sprayed My Boobs Pink- #blogher10 recap 2

Day 2 of the conference was tough to get going for. The minimal sleep and non-existent naps really caught up to me. So Mandy and I headedView full post »


I Learned, I Laughed, I Wore Tulle- #blogher10 recap part 1

I’m home! Okay, I say that as if I just walked in the door, but I’ve been here since yesterday evening. However, my brain?View full post »


Signing Off and Heading Out to Blogher!

I had every intention of getting a potty training progress report up for you all before I called it quits for the week on here, butView full post »


The Importance of Being Cute

As a mother of a 2 year old, when people say things to me like, “Isn’t this such a special time?” or, “These areView full post »