LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE!! Consignment Style

I’d been counting down the days until yesterday for months. It was the BIG SHOW, the MAIN EVENT, the SUPER BOWL FOR MOMS… it was consignment sale day.

I had a plan, a prioritized list, a budget (ugh), and caffeine and sugar coursing through my pregnant veins. I was not above using my belly to bump people out of my way. I volunteered, setting up items people were selling the day before, in order to gain early entry into this MASSIVE sale and was in line 50 minutes early for our 3:00 entry time.

The first item on my stalk and kill list was a Graco Snugrider stroller frame, and it wasn’t pretty. I found them, but wasn’t sure of the prices. $30 and $35 for something I can get new for $50? Really, people? But I knew I needed it, and I didn’t want to start the sale off with a loss, so I headed toward the last one available just as a girl on a cell phone began hovering over it. “So it’s $30… it has 2 cup holders… uh, huh… says it will work with your seat… uh, huh…. soooooooo….. hmmmmmmm…..” I could have been a total bitch and just slapped my pink sticker on it while I awaited her decision, but I didn’t, and of course, she grabbed it. Grrrr. Oh well, I told myself that was still too much and I’d find a better deal elsewhere (which I did, last night I found one on CL for $25).

Next on my stalk and kill list was an Arm’s Reach Co-sleeper. I wasn’t expecting to find one since I volunteered in the room they were set up in the day before and didn’t see any come in, but as I turned the corner to the room it glinted like a piece of sea glass in the sun on a beach. It was the ONLY ONE. I had no shame, I did not care who was in my path. I abandoned my stroller (which I had brought to act as a shopping cart) and I ran. VICTORY!! Not only was it mine, but it was mine for the amazingly, insane low price of $56 (and this thing was practically brand new).

Feeling satiated by the kill, I took the rest of the time, well, I wouldn’t say leisurely, but not as ravenously stalking the items. As I meandered through the rooms with the Boppy covers and burp cloths, something that I promised myself wouldn’t happen started to take place. My stroller was slowly being taken over by pink- pink towels, pink changing pad covers, pink burp cloths (many of which I eventually put back).

I also found myself saying things under my breath like, “Really? $25 for a toddler trike you didn’t even bother to clean up, that I’m pretty certain has dog shit on the tires?…. Uh, you know I can get a brand new Gymboree shirt for this same exact price on sale next week, right? … Pshaw. You think really highly of your filthy Wiggles guitar with a broken volume button….You have got to be trying to selling this for more than you bought it. It’s consignment people, and I’m no fool. See you on half price day.”

That said, for every ridiculously over priced item there were so many items priced unbelievably low. It made it very hard to stick with my budget. I don’t know whether to be proud of myself or disappointed in myself for walking away from a like new condition Petunia Pickle Bottom Cake Cameo Clutch for only $25. I still can’t believe I had the will power to put it down, but there were just so many other things we actually *need* (and as much as I try to justify my desire for a Cake bag as a need, I just can’t).

When the final tally came in, I was slightly over my $150 budget, but I think it was worth every penny of the $187 total (including tax).

Among my steals are 4 pairs of shoes for Kendall (including a pair of Crocs and some Stride Rite shoes), a brand new pair of Stride Rite shoes for the baby, just a few gorgeous, tiny baby girl clothes (I promised I wouldn’t go crazy on the baby clothes), a Pottery Barn Kids Boppy cover, a new booster seat for Kendall so we can pass down the Tripp Trapp, and this…

A sweet little bookshelf that looks like it’s straight out of Pottery Barn Kids for only $16. I hope to hang it on baby girl’s wall.

Add in the great deal I got on the Co-sleeper, and I would say calling the day a “success” would be an understatement.

If you’re in the Dallas area, you can still take advantage of Divine Consign. It’s open to the public today from 12-5 (with a $2 entry fee for adults and children from 12-2) and tomorrow (Monday) from 12-3. Then the 1/2 price sale starts tomorrow at 6 until 9, and finishes up Tuesday from 8-12. There were TONS of items, over 84,000, and I’m sure there are plenty of great deals to be had still. I plan on going back to the 1/2 price sale on Monday, I think, just to see what I can find.

Did you make it out? Have one near you? What’s the best consignment sale deal you’ve found?

Kendall is 2 1/3 and I’m 23 weeks pregnant and suddenly feeling a lot more prepared for this baby.

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  1. Nice snags! I am totally shameless with the snagging of coveted items. I often flash a friendly smile at a person, totally disarm them, and then swoop in for the grab. My rule is, if they’re not TOUCHING it, it’s not theirs. (Granted, if someone protested, I’d probably give it to them).

    You’re nicer than I am 🙂 Never underestimate a woman with a bargain in sight!


  2. I went to the local JBF sale a couple of weeks ago. My SD has outgrown all of her winter clothes.

    I came away with 3 pairs of pants, 11 long sleeved shirts and 4 short sleeved shirts, plus “The Little Engine That Could” and “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”, and 4 hairbows/clips for less than $100 (including tax).

    Oh, and I also got 26 children’s books at a yard sale for $6 the next weekend.

  3. oh I am so utterly jealous!! I’ve never seen such a sale around these parts and would just die to go to one!! All those baby things lined up in little rows made me a little giddy!

  4. I LOVE consignment sales! We have one here that’s really great and I volunteer to get in early too. That’s really the way to go, ahead of the consignors and the public and you basically get to shop on your own for a while instead of fighting the crowds. I’m with you though on how people price things. I help check in items and I can’t believe what people expect to get for things that are used. Crazy! But I love the great deals and I can’t wait for ours next month!

  5. We don’t have ANYTHING like that up here but my BFF has several in her area of Pennsylvania. I’m totally dragging my butt down for the next one, just so I CAN go nuts with the pink ruffles and bows. At least if I buy it all consigned I won’t feel so bad.

  6. Wow! We have sales, but they are usually where you pay to have a booth/table and everything is all not NEARLY as organized and neat as the Divine Consign. And it looks like there us room to walk in the aisles.

  7. My mom and I are obsessed with secondhand steals. Almost everything I’ve gotten this pregnancy has been from my mother’s thrift store hauls. Our Co-Sleeper is actually one of the few things we got brand new and I am so excited to use it!

  8. I live in St. Louis and drove out to St. Charles a couple of weeks ago for the big “Recycled Kids Consignment Sale” at the convention center. For a first-time-mom-to-be, it was overwhelming and I wish that I’d had someone with me to say “That costs X when it’s brand new so grab it/leave it.” (I ended up calling my mom and having her google a couple of things!). But I left with a couple of bags full of baby clothes (yellow for now!) a boppy, a Bumbo seat, some wooden blocks, some books (for me and for baby), bath towels, and sleep sacks, all of which looked nearly new. And I spent about $80! Definitely love the consignment thing.

  9. We have “mom2mom” sales up here in Michigan. they are great for used items. I got a stellar deal on a like new swing before DS was born.
    Although the word consignment confuses me, I always thought consignment meant borrowing, or that the item may be returned after use? I have never heard a used-items sale called consignment sale before. Anyhoo. Nice pull.

  10. We have http://justlikenewkids.com/ here in Central PA, and this past spring’s sale was my first experience. I went on Saturday afternoon (after I’m sure all the best bargains were had), but left with a like-new ride on walker for $20 and a stationary play center for $17. I thought they were great steals, considering their $50 and $40 original pricetags.

    Oh, and I got TONS of winter clothes on the cheep-cheep-CHEAP!

    But I don’t know that I’m ballsy enough to brave the cut-throat early hours of the sale. Well, it’s not that I’m not ballsy enough, rather I’m afraid I’d murder someone before I left the craze. I don’t do high-stress shopping. Black Friday? Yeah-friggin-right.

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