What Will Baby BBQ Be?

Okay, I find it KUH-RAZY that I’m 18 weeks and 1 day pregnant already. What. The. Hell? The second half of this pregnancy is SIMPLY NOT ALLOWED to go as fast as the first. NOT ALLOWED!! I have waaaaaay too much to accomplish between now and then.

I am hoping, though, that this means those first 6-8 weeks of newborn hell might pass just as quickly this time because last time those first 2 months stretched out for what seemed like 2 millennia. No really, it’s okay. It can go fast. I know you “never get those days back,” and thank you sweet baby Jesus for that! I don’t want them to begin with. Keep them and send me home with a 2 month old, please. One that has already mastered breastfeeding, has it’s days and nights figured the hell out and has developed some semblance of a routine, preferably. *Sigh* If only…

Anyway, what I’m really trying to blog about is the big ultrasound we have scheduled for next Monday. Yup, only 4 days from now we’ll know what this baby, who I’m lovingly referring to as BBQ, is! So before I start the inevitable anxiety roller coaster that is waiting for a giant ultrasound that will determine if all of my baby’s organs are developing and functioning properly, lets have some fun and do some guessing as to what the gender is, shall we?

Some things for your consideration:

Cravings- Duh. Meat and BBQ sauce! And lots of Chipotle and Mexican food with sour cream. Other than that, though, it’s all over the place. I never had really extreme food aversions like I did with Kendall, but I had, and still have a really, really hard time settling on what it is I truly want. The other day at Dairy Queen I nearly had a nervous breakdown because there were just too many Blizzard flavors.

Physical changes- I did break out a lot in the 1st tri, but my skin is back to it’s glorious pregnancy self now, for the most part. Scott swears I broke out at the beginning with Kendall, too, and that I’ve just blocked it from my memory. I think I’m carrying a lot lower than I did with Kendall. I have to sag all my maternity pants half way down my ass because the bands cut me off mid bump. I’ll try to take a bump pic and post it later for your review. As for hormones, I’m as much of a psychotic, emotional wreck as I remember being with Kendall.

Statistics- Okay, I know that, really, I have a 50/50 shot of having either one, but these are some interesting facts to play with.

1. Myself and my 4 best girlfriends will have produced nothing but 6 boys in 2.5 years come this September (no girls from any of us). Who’s going to break the streak?

2. K is in a playgroup with only one other boy. 4 of the other moms are pregnant again, 2 of them have found out the gender and they are both girls. Is our playgroup destined to be overrun by girls?

3. Scott has 3 siblings who’ve had more than one baby. Each have had a boy and a girl. Will I be the mom to end up with two boys in a row (and possibly all boys)?

As for what my feeling is, well… honestly… I *feel* like it’s a girl. BUT, that being said, I wouldn’t be shocked at all to find out it’s a boy. I felt like K was a girl right before we found out, too.

I set up a little poll widget. You can vote below or in my sidebar. No winners, obviously, just for fun. Feel free to ask me any questions you think will help determine your answer.

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  1. I’m gonna guess a boy, but then again I’m not good at guessing these things because both times I was pregnant I thought I was having a girl..and ended up with 2 boys. Plus BBQ and meat cravings, this baby wants man food, lol. Be sure to post as soon as you find out !!!

  2. I said boy.. not sure why, it was just my gut instinct. But I also was CONVINCED Jasper was a girl.. like had dreams about it. So my instinct is unreliable at best 🙂

  3. I just have to say THANK YOU for making me feel like I”m not the only one who wants the first couple months to go by fast. I have a 6 week old and cried over and over to my husband the first two weeks that I wish someone would take him and bring him back in three months. I felt horrible, since everyone else seems like they sit home and just moon over their infants, and I love him to death, but I definitely am just trying to make it through these first few months. Thank you for making me feel I’m not the only one or a horrible person!

    • Oh, you’re def. not alone! Those first couple months can be brutal. It’s OKAY to not be in love with motherhood at the beginning. I always said that I loved my son from the very beginning, but it took me a while to like him. Hang in there!

      • By the way – I’m thinking boy, but I was convinced I was having a girl, so probably not much help here.

  4. I hope it’s a girl!! I craved Mexican like CRAZY when I was pregnant–and I carried her really low the whole time. But, it’s impossible to guess. I actually took that “Intelligender” test when I was pregnant, sure that it would be accurate after reading reviews. It said BOY. So I was pleasantly surprised when the ultrasound tech said GIRL….

  5. Do you know when you ovulated in relation to intercourse? Chances are higher of a boy the closer intercourse is to ovulation.

    My first baby was a boy – ovulated day of intercourse. Second baby is a girl – ovulated 3 days AFTER intercourse.

    Too much information? Of course it can still go either way, but the fact is male sperm are faster, whereas female live longer, hence the theory.

  6. I say girl..for no other reason then, I had a girl first and you had a boy, now I’m having a boy and you’re having a girl! 🙂 Can’t wait to hear!

  7. I think it’s a girl. Everything you said is exactly what I experienced when I was pregnant with my daughter, now 18 months. I’m now pregnant with our 2nd baby, due Dec. 15 (was due same as you but they moved me up) and I’m sounding more and more like when you were pregnant with Kendall. Maybe I’m having a boy and you’re having a girl!

  8. Still feeling like it’s a boy. But maybe that’s because I really don’t want to be the ONLY one that has two boys. Everyone else I know gets one of each!

  9. I am thinking boy.

    What does your Chinese chart say? LOL, we all know that it is 95% accurate, right? Joking aside, it was correct for me both times.

  10. I voted girl, but I really think you’re getting another boy. I think it would be great if you had one to compare (the other) to. If that makes any sense. So I voted to maybe sway the fates. Lol.

    And $hit. you mean people don’t always freak the H#ll out when trying to pick blizzard flavors? I do that all the time (not pregnant). Maybe it’s because we rarely have ice cream out that’s the issue..

  11. i have no idea. but i’m so excited to find out! I thought FOR SURE i was having a girl, then cried when I found out it was a boy– then read your “boy mom” post and realized that everything was still going to be awesome. and it is. just awesome.

  12. I guessed boy, but my radar is totally off right now. I would have bet money that we were having a girl. Imagine my shock (along with the hubby and later my parents) when we found out we’re having another boy. 🙂

    I also totally get the whole emotional rollercoaster leading up to the ultrasound. Everything’s going to be perfect.

  13. I voted boy for your blog’s sake. If you have a girl, she’ll probably be low-key, nothing like the feisty little guy you have now. You need a house overrun with testosterone so we can get even MORE crazy stories of how the boys have egged each other on to greater heights of mischief and mayhem.

    I mean, doesn’t that sound like just your luck? 🙂

  14. Girl. I craved red meat and tacos and broke out like a m-effer during my pregnancy with my daughter. Also, a little on hormonal side or as my husband likes to say “just plain crazy”.

  15. I just found your blog through twitter and am so excited! I’m also a crunchy, cloth diapering mama and I love finding other like-minded women. You’re quite entertaining as well 🙂 And I think your baby is a girl. Excited to find out the gender TODAY! I’ll be back…

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