So you people learn things from me, huh? Thanks!

It seems this blog is, like, helpful to people. I’m a finalist for a SocialLuxe BlogLuxe award in the Blog I’ve Learned the Most From category! How exciting! Thank you so much for nominating me and voting for me to help me get there. Now the final decision is up to the judges, and I think I need to prove to them how Baby Rabies is actually a blog you can learn things from, not just a place where you can laugh at my mis-adventures with poop.

Let’s see… well, we all know that I’ve shown you how to make the most fantastic Rocket Ship cake, right? Okay, okay, seriously. I *have* taught you all the importance of reading labels on medicine bottles so as not to exceed the daily recommended dosage of Tums while pregnant. You’ve learned what it was really like to have a med-free birth, from my point of view, and all the scary stuff that comes after it that nobody tells you about. I’ve made it clear why I think Always pads are the devil. Mae will tell you I saved her life by telling her about playing static on the radio and downloading vacuum and hairdryer noises from Itunes for colicky babies while in the car. I was also very upfront and honest about our breastfeeding battle over the course of 13 months.

I’ve gone on quite a bit about our decision to cloth diaper and all the fascinating details that go with. I let you all in on what made me want to ban chicken nuggets from my family’s diet and start our own little food revolution. I explained my decision to turn Kendall’s car seat back to rear facing a little bit longer.

I’ve shared my crafty side on here, too, by showing you how to make things like crib rail covers, pillowcase dresses and a cheap and easy cupcake stand.

Maybe, most of all, I’ve shared with you all how I get through the craziest, hardest moments in parenting by just trying to live in the moment and laugh.

But I’m not entirely sure if all of that is what people have learned from me, from this blog, and I’d really love to hear from you if I’ve left something out. If you voted for me as a “Blog I’ve Learned the Most From,” I’d love to know why. And THANK YOU, again, for the support. I love, love, love my readers.

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  1. In addition to everything you wrote about (especially the CDs and laughing at yourself), I have learned how good and generous people can be. I have been amazing at the giving spirit of the readers of this blog. In spite of what you hear on the news everyday, there are still lots of amazing people out there.

    • You are so right, Avery. The way people supported Sam and his family through the #helpSam fundraiser taught me a lot and restored my faith in humanity, too.

  2. I learn something everyday! K is one month older that C and I swear, every milestone that he hits and you blog about, I’m re-living it a month later!

  3. From your blog I learned about (1) cloth diapers; (2) organic/local food; and (3) extended rear-facing carseats.
    and i learned a lot about poop that i’m going to file away for future potty-training reference.

  4. Not sure how I lived under a rock for so long & only recently started reading, but I’ve gone back to read the posts you wrote about your birth experience and the aftermath and cannot tell you enough how hard I laughed (I’m sorry, I swear I’m not laughing at your pain) or how many times I nodded and said “EXACTLY!” thereby scaring the crap out of my husband as I read.

    This really is such an informative blog and I’m grateful to have found it, even though I’m about eleventy billion years late to the party.

  5. I definitely owe my cloth diapering obsession to you. Before I even got pregnant, I was stalking your cloth diapering posts saying to myself “I am totally cloth diapering my future children!” and researching things like wet bags and wipes solution. Now, after cloth diapering for six months and blogging about all of it, I still recommend that people come read your blog for more details and incentive to CD. I tell you, you are very informative, and I hope you win!

  6. You named all of the obvious stuff I’ve learned and touched quickly on the most valuable one: to laugh. To make light and know that I’m not alone on those crazy emotional, defeated, I-must-be-doing-something-wrong days. To really live in the most joyful moments AND the poop-covered moments. You taught me to “be happy for this moment, this moment is your LIFE”. In my mind, there is nothing more important you could teach a new mom. At the end of the day, if you can’t laugh at your once magazine-worthy home now covered in primary-colored plastic and your spit-up-spotted black shirts and cheerio-infested car, you will never really enjoy what it means to have the greatest privilege of all, which is, to be a mom. Thanks to you, Jill, I am loving every second of it.

  7. I can’t vouch for additional things because I haven’t been here that long and you sure did list a lot above already, including a lot that I hadn’t gotten to read yet! But I found your blog through searching about cloth diapering a while back, even before I was married. No kids coming anytime soon here, but I sure am armed with a little knowledge (relatively speaking – I still have so much to read and learn!) but a great source here to continually come back to, especially in the future as the possibility for me becomes more realistic. But until then, I tune in here every day and learn loads of other stuff along with getting in a few chuckles a day!

  8. I first found you when I was pregnant with my first. He was born in August, the same year as Kendall. And now I’m about a month behind you in my pregnancy with #2. I have taken several ideas from you ranging from enjoying the mock margarita recipe recently to not using Always pads after my first kiddo for fear of the dreaded crotch rot! I love hearing your hilarious descriptions of basically the same thing I’m going through. And knowing that you have many of the same feelings as me help validate that I’m at least somewhat normal!

  9. Y’all are awesome. Thank you so much for sharing! I love having you all to laugh with and to inflict my potty training stories of terror on. I think I learn more from you, though. The comments I get on here are always so helpful. You all helped me plan my vacation!

  10. Oh jeez… just read the birth posts and between those and my best friend’s recent birth of her daughter (plus her premature birth of her son a year and a half ago), I’m even more terrified of childbirth! Glad to know what to expect but I’m confident that as a pain-avoidant and almost pain-phobic person that natural childbirth isn’t even a possibility for me. At least I’m informed… *sigh*
    Oh well, one of the many things to keep in mind when we finally do have kids. At least my husband already knows I’m a wuss and will support whatever I choose.

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