Because I Can, or More Fun With BBQ

4 p.m. snack today

I had a chopped beef BBQ loaded and stuffed baked potato at Whole Foods yesterday and it completed me. This was my attempt to recreate the magic. Actually, it wasn’t half bad.


1 baked potato (nuked in the microwave, not actually baked… who has time for that shit?)
2 tablespoons buttah (said like Paula Deen)
Big handful and a half of shredded cheese
1 Jimmy Dean cheese and turkey dog sliced
A whole bunch of Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce drizzled all over (keep the bottle on the table, you’ll need to add more to the boring bits of the potato left after you eat all the good stuff)

I consider this a pregnancy culinary masterpiece. Look out Pioneer Woman. I’m coming for ya! Next up, my pregnancy porn cookbook.

I’m 15 weeks pregnant. The Iphone app told me this morning the baby is the size of an avocado. That immediately made me crave guacamole.