What Home Means To Me

I’ve got another guest post up over at Joanna’s blog, Raising Madison, today. It’s all about what home means to me. Joanna asked me and some other bloggers to do some guest posts for her as she puts her energy into getting her house on the market and focuses on downsizing. Not unlike so many, […]

Karma is Cracking Her Knuckles

And getting ready to BRING IT. All the drama, the boyfriends, the prom dresses, the makeup, the bad hair day meltdowns, the slammed doors, the (INSERT MORE DRAMATICS HERE)- it’s all coming for me. It’s. A. Girl! (Also, and most importantly, she looks 100% healthy!) The tech said she was really, very confident and I […]

What Will Baby BBQ Be?

Okay, I find it KUH-RAZY that I’m 18 weeks and 1 day pregnant already. What. The. Hell? The second half of this pregnancy is SIMPLY NOT ALLOWED to go as fast as the first. NOT ALLOWED!! I have waaaaaay too much to accomplish between now and then. I am hoping, though, that this means those […]

5 Small Changes

So ┬áthis post isn’t actually here, but over here, at Mandy’s blog. Mandy asked me (admittedly a LONGGGGG TIME AGO, whilst in the middle of the 1st trimester funk) to write a guest blog for her about some reasonable, small, not expensive changes she could make to become more eco-friendly. I finally got it all […]