Read this! My favorite book this summer- Not Ready for Mom Jeans.

I’ll admit that I haven’t read many books lately. Scratch that. What I mean is I haven’t read many books that don’t talk to you about how to talk to your toddler like a caveman or how to make your own baby food. I mean, I read. A lot. Not really book form, though, more like magazines and blogs and

Last week, however, I read a real book, a fiction paperback that had me spending all my free time for 2 and a half days loving every turn of the real paper page. I can’t say it didn’t have anything to do with babies or motherhood, but I will promise there were no recipes for pureed peas or swaddling secrets for colicky newborns.

My friend Maureen Lipinski just released her second book Not Ready for Mom Jeans, the follow up to A Bump in the Road. I’m not just saying this because I adore her or because she acknowledged me and this blog in it…

How cool is that?!

It was hilarious! But it wasn’t just funny. It was actually a really relatable story, one that follows Clare, a new mom, as she tries to find her work/life balance. I think most moms, no matter if we work at home, stay at home or work out of the home, can relate to that daily struggle. I really found myself sympathizing with Clare and cheering her on, debating the pros and the cons with her, putting myself in her shoes and seeing her struggle in myself.

An official blurb about the book:

Event planner and famous blogger Clare Finnegan expected to go back to work after her daughter was born. After all, she worked hard for her success…and it’s not like now that she has a child, she has to buy a minivan, wear Mom Jeans and give up her career, right?
Despite more than a few pounds of baby weight still left to lose, Clare dons her Miss Piggy Pants and returns to work. She plans a swanky Sweet Sixteen party and pulls off a million-dollar golf outing, has to come to terms with her mother’s breast cancer, and is left so exhausted that she can’t remember her ATM card’s pin number.  After another meeting runs late and she misses another one of her daughter’s milestones, Clare allows herself to examine an alternate choice: staying home.
A laugh out loud novel about motherhood, life, and the quest for eight hours of sleep.
I’m not going to ruin the ending, but I’ll just say I was so excited for her by the time I got to the last page and can’t wait to see how life continues for her and her family and friends. It was truly a GREAT summer read that had me laughing and intrigued the whole time.

If you haven’t read A Bump in the Road yet, you should definitely add that to your summer reading arsenal, too.

I’m excited to giveaway 2 autographed copies of Not Ready for Mom Jeans to 2 lucky winners (US and Canada readers are eligible). I asked Maureen if she had any requirements to enter to win. She toyed with 4 hours of free childcare from the winner for her toddler son, but I told her I didn’t know how the FTC would feel about that. So instead, how about we keep it fun and you tell me about your favorite pair of jeans (of all time!) in the comment section. I’ll draw the winners next Monday, July 5th.

Oh, and a big congrats to Maureen on her 2nd pregnancy! She’s due on New Year’s Eve and I love commiserating with her via email about the joys of pregnancy while keeping a toddler boy alive.

**Disclosure- Maureen sent me this autographed book to read and review.

I’ve loved reading everyone’s stories of their favorite jeans! Thanks so much for participating. Entries to the giveaway are closed and winners have been drawn and notified (#72, Lindsey and #6, Steffy). You can keep chiming in if you’d like, though :)