Read this! My favorite book this summer- Not Ready for Mom Jeans.

I’ll admit that I haven’t read many books lately. Scratch that. What I mean is I haven’t read many books that don’t talk to you about how to talk to your toddler like a caveman or how to make your own baby food. I mean, I read. A lot. Not really book form, though, more like magazines and blogs and

Last week, however, I read a real book, a fiction paperback that had me spending all my free time for 2 and a half days loving every turn of the real paper page. I can’t say it didn’t have anything to do with babies or motherhood, but I will promise there were no recipes for pureed peas or swaddling secrets for colicky newborns.

My friend Maureen Lipinski just released her second book Not Ready for Mom Jeans, the follow up to A Bump in the Road. I’m not just saying this because I adore her or because she acknowledged me and this blog in it…

How cool is that?!

It was hilarious! But it wasn’t just funny. It was actually a really relatable story, one that follows Clare, a new mom, as she tries to find her work/life balance. I think most moms, no matter if we work at home, stay at home or work out of the home, can relate to that daily struggle. I really found myself sympathizing with Clare and cheering her on, debating the pros and the cons with her, putting myself in her shoes and seeing her struggle in myself.

An official blurb about the book:

Event planner and famous blogger Clare Finnegan expected to go back to work after her daughter was born. After all, she worked hard for her success…and it’s not like now that she has a child, she has to buy a minivan, wear Mom Jeans and give up her career, right?
Despite more than a few pounds of baby weight still left to lose, Clare dons her Miss Piggy Pants and returns to work. She plans a swanky Sweet Sixteen party and pulls off a million-dollar golf outing, has to come to terms with her mother’s breast cancer, and is left so exhausted that she can’t remember her ATM card’s pin number.  After another meeting runs late and she misses another one of her daughter’s milestones, Clare allows herself to examine an alternate choice: staying home.
A laugh out loud novel about motherhood, life, and the quest for eight hours of sleep.
I’m not going to ruin the ending, but I’ll just say I was so excited for her by the time I got to the last page and can’t wait to see how life continues for her and her family and friends. It was truly a GREAT summer read that had me laughing and intrigued the whole time.

If you haven’t read A Bump in the Road yet, you should definitely add that to your summer reading arsenal, too.

I’m excited to giveaway 2 autographed copies of Not Ready for Mom Jeans to 2 lucky winners (US and Canada readers are eligible). I asked Maureen if she had any requirements to enter to win. She toyed with 4 hours of free childcare from the winner for her toddler son, but I told her I didn’t know how the FTC would feel about that. So instead, how about we keep it fun and you tell me about your favorite pair of jeans (of all time!) in the comment section. I’ll draw the winners next Monday, July 5th.

Oh, and a big congrats to Maureen on her 2nd pregnancy! She’s due on New Year’s Eve and I love commiserating with her via email about the joys of pregnancy while keeping a toddler boy alive.

**Disclosure- Maureen sent me this autographed book to read and review.

I’ve loved reading everyone’s stories of their favorite jeans! Thanks so much for participating. Entries to the giveaway are closed and winners have been drawn and notified (#72, Lindsey and #6, Steffy). You can keep chiming in if you’d like, though 🙂

50 Things to Do Before You Deliver: The First Time Moms Pregnancy Guide
Available now: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

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  1. OOOhhh am I really the first?

    My favorite pair would have to be from way back in the day – you know the “I wish I was still *that* fat day” (come on, no matter what size we are, we’re never happy). They were expensive Lucky brand jeans and they made my butt look GOOOOOOD! 🙂

  2. My favorite pair of jeans are my Victoria’s Secret dark blue trouser jeans. they fit my short and chubby build nicely 🙂

  3. my first pair of sevens are still in my closet for unknown reasons. i mean, they fit fine (they are about 6 years old, at least) but i wore them so often that i rubbed holes in the butt. not fixable, not wearable, yet i keep them because they are sooo comfy and maybe i will need to paint something?

    RIP sevens.

    also? so awesome that you got a shoutout!

  4. My favorite pair of jeans were a pair of Gap jeans that I got in like, the 6th grade that lasted me throughout high school. I always wore them with the cuffs rolled up, usually with some cute mary janes. i was so sad when i couldn’t squeeze my thighs in those size 0’s!

  5. My favorite jeans were these Buckle jeans that said they were size 0 but were actually pretty big. Whenever I was feeling like a fatty I would slip into my jeans and spend the whole day thinking… I’m not fat, I can wear size 0! I cried when they got too ratty to wear anymore.

  6. My favorite pair of jeans are my Mossimo Denim size 9 jeans. They are the perfect length for me (which is a hard feat because my legs are short) and they looked fabulous back in the day. After my second baby I can no longer wear them. They are sitting on my end table with all the jeans I might be possibly giving away (just haven’t had the time to do it yet). I would love to read her books. They sound great!

  7. It’s been a while since I had “favorite” jeans after having a baby having my shape just totally change. I’d have to say my favorite jeans were extra long flared jeans that I would wear with 4 inch heels every day in college. I loved that look and there’s no way I could pull it off now (especially not the 4 inch heels all day!).

    My husband and I were just talking about how I want to read a non-toddler development book and this (and Bump in the Road) sound perfect for this summer!

  8. My favorite jeans were a pair of Express Jeans that I had before I was pregnant. Of course now I can’t even get them to zip…but they are still in my closet waiting to be worn again some day 😉

  9. I just got a new pair of ‘not mom’ jeans that are a mid rise waist instead of low rise, which means they don’t show my butt. Does that count? All the rest I can’t bend over in, and I’ve had the others since college, so I’m fairly certain I don’t remember any jeans at all before that time. Lol.

  10. Read BOTH of the books last week and LOVED them! As a stay-at-home working mom, I could DEFINITELY relate and I was cracking up at just how many common things we go through at this age with friends, families and babies. Hope everyone reads them and good luck to the “contestants!”

  11. I’ve never had an all time “favorite” pair of jeans, but I really loved my pre-pregnancy jeans the day I fit back into them.

  12. This book looks like SUCH a good read for me right now…loving my career but in my 3rd Tri with my first child. Thanks for the heads up on its release.

    My favorite pair of jeans are a pair from the Limited, Drew fit. I still have them if for some reason I can wear them again one day. I may just be taunting myself with them though. 🙂

  13. I have an old pair of GAP jeans that I bought in 1999. I have no idea why I still have them, because they’re size 4s. They’re the perfect combination of worn, yet sexy … and I just can’t bring myself to get rid of them. Maybe one of these days Martians will arrive to Earth while I sleep and suck out all my fat for free … thus allowing said awesome GAP jeans back into my daily life.

    It could happen, right?

  14. I have never “loved” any of my jeans cause of the hips and booty BUT I did love them more after I lost my baby weight. It took me a year and I still have some more to loose, not sure if that will happen since he is almost 2 and we will be trying for another soon. 🙂

  15. I have a really hard time spending more than $35 on a pair of jeans, but a few years ago my DH helped me pick a really expensive (at $85) pair which have proven to be my favorite jeans of all time. I think the brand is Silver, but I honestly don’t know for sure! I remember the exact date that I was able to fit back into them post partum. Oh, that glorious day.

  16. A pair of Size 10 (the smallest I’ve been in 5 years!) Lees that I found at Kohls on clearance. I worked my a$$ off to loose 25 lbs and get in shape…wore those awesome jeans for 3 months…..then I got pregnant… every one knows how this story ends right!?

  17. My favorite pair are actually from Land’s End and I feared it was going into Mom Jeans territory, but they really are well below my belly button and I worked really hard to fit into them.

  18. Tricia Ferrell on

    My favorite is my MEK deconstructed pair of jeans. I remember hauling my newborn infant in the carrier to my go-to department store, occupied a dressing room, and told the associate to start pulling jeans in 3 incremented larger sizes than prepregnancy. I had no idea what my size would be now, but with a heavy sigh, I at that moment, decided to accept the new me in all its size, shape, and sag. Those jeans are very symbolic . . . and when my son smiled when I had them on, they became a must have.

  19. My favorites were a pair of Levi’s 501s that a guy I was dating at the time (college) helped me pick out. Wow my butt looked good. I honestly haven’t thought about those jeans in a while…not even sure where they are (not like I’d fit into them anymore anyway after baby #1)…

  20. I actually won Maureen’s first book from you! I’d love to read the second. As for my favorite pair of jeans ever… they were these super comfy Arizona jeans from Penney’s I had more than a few years back. I felt so skinny and cute every time I wore them.

  21. My favorite pair of jeans are my pre pregnancy jeans that are too big!!!
    My daughter is nearly 6 months and they will stay in my closet never to be worn again. When I decide I might like another cookie I look at the size of the butt and decline :o)

  22. My favorite pair are some Earl jeans I got for a steal when I was in Grad school. They looked hot with heels and made me feel grown-up sexy. And my husband loved them! I still have them, though I’m a good 40 pounds from looking hot in them again!

  23. The books are en route already, thanks to the Sam Fundraiser, but my favorite pair of jeans were my first pair of premium denim: Chip & Pepper. Loved loved loved them. Was on my first vacation with DH (then BF) and unexpectedly went horseback riding. I ripped them climbing on. So so sad.

  24. i sadly don’t even have a pair of favorites. well i have a pair i wear the most but I don’t like them all that much. they’re 7’s that i found at TJ-maxx for cheap and generally fit okay and are comfy but ehhh. they don’t have that fabulous wow jean fit. one day i’ll splurge on $100 jeans that have wow.

  25. I read A Bump in the Road last summer after seeing it here. So funny! My favorite jeans had to be these awesome ones from Wet Seal that I bought in 6th grade. They had a rainbow stripe down the side and I (thought I) looked so hot!

  26. I have several favorite pairs…and oddly enough, none of them fit. I mean, sure, I could jump up and down and squeeeeeze into them, but there would be this lovely roll screaming to every person that walked by me, “yep, I’m a mom now!” So, I wear skirts and dresses and am determined to get back into them by this fall…unless I’m pregnant by then and then I’ll get to start the whole dreaded process all over again. Those jeans calling my name from the shelf of my closet are a pair of Sevens and Citizens and boy did I look hot in them pre-pregnancy!

  27. My favorite pair of jeans ever were my Michael Khors. They fit perfectly and the really really awesome part was that they were a size 2, sigh. I was wearing them the night I met my husband. I just had to return my size 30 maternity jeans because they were obscenely tight. 🙁 But I’m getting a bigger size (32) so all is not lost!!

  28. my favorite jeans ever were a pair of boot cut levi’s that made my butt look so good! they are still in my closet waiting to be worn again… one day.

  29. Would LOVE to read this book! I need a good summer read 🙂 I have to say my all time favorite jeans were from WAY back in the day, my pre-babies jeans, torn and faded 7’s. I WILL get back into those someday. I will! 🙂

  30. My personal all time favorite jeans would have to be my American Eagle boot cut size FOUR stonewashed jeans. They still hang in my closet, front and center & they are still missing the button that popped off when I tried squeezing my fat rump in them post baby. haha I have them displayed nicely in my closet so that I see them every single time I open my closet doors. I originally did this for inspiration to loose weight but yeah, that hasn’t worked out so well seeing as how my son is now 3 1/2 & I still couldn’t fit my fat thigh in the waist of them let alone my rump.

  31. My favorite jeans right now are a pair of “high waisted” (literal meaning- normal waisted) Joe’s Jeans.

    My favorite pair of jeans from back in the day were a pair of Guess “low rider” Jeans circa 2001 Britney Spears era.

  32. My favorite pair of jeans was a pair of Lucky’s that made my butt look amazing, made me look super thin, and were insanely comfortable. I wore them until there were holes in rather unfortunate places, and have been unable to find their replacement (sob).

  33. My favourite pair of jeans was a pair I had in high school. Ok, well, I wouldn’t say they’re my favourite pair of jeans now, but thinking back, I can’t remember loving a pair of jeans more.

    They were this flourescent yellow colour with stripes of baby blue in different widths. And they had MASSIVE bell bottoms. The worst part? This was in 1998. *sigh*

  34. I have a pair of Silver jeans that make my butt look awesome and are the perfect length. Unfortunately, they’re a bit snug at the moment because of leftover pregnancy flab.

  35. I have a few faves. 1) A pair of lucky jeans that I had to save up for while working as a cashier at a grocery store. Yeah…those jeans were awesome. Plus they said, “lucky you” when the fly was opened. I got a nice chuckle from a guy I dated a short while later!

    2) Probably about my senior year in HS when I had a rockin’ bod. Cute, tight-in-the-butt jeans with this cool seam down the front.

    3) A pair of Lee’s (or Levi’s…I get them confused) that fit me right now, and don’t have that gap in the waist in the back when you bend over or sit down.

  36. I still haven’t found a favorite pair of jeans…I know what they look like when I see them on someone else, but yet they never seem to do the same for me! I am on the hunt though, and have set one of my birthday goals as ‘finding a great pair of jeans!’

  37. My favorite pair of jeans are from Arden B. They are the kind that make your butt look just perfect and bubbled and awesome. I was blessed with a smaller waist and bigger bottom so finding the perfect jeans is HARD. Now these are my pre preggo jeans and are still hanging in my closet 14 mos post babe waiting for me to fit back into them. I breastfed my daughter for the first year, every time I tried to cut calories the milk supply plummeted so i chose to be fat for a year and give the babe the boob. Now she is 14 months and I am 19 pounds lighter yahooo and so much closer to getting those jeans back on and guess what I REFUSE to by fatty jeans or mama jeans, I will be back in those jeans soon and u may hear my scream of excitement all the way from California!!!

    Theres my essay LOL, Happy Hump Day!!!!

  38. i hate to say it but…my favourite jeans are honestly whichever ones fit me. 2 kids in 2 years and whole bunch of body changes later- im happy if something fits me, doesnt give me muffin top or highlight my mummy tummy. also if they make my bum look nice. right now thats a pair of faded jeans i got from my sister in law that are uber comfy and meet all the afore mentioned requirements. they are embroidered with daises and kinda make me look like a flower child, but I love em.

  39. My favorite pair are easily the Diva jeans from Old Navy. They’re skinny jeans in a dark rinse and make my stubby legs look leans and long and fit my JLo-esque butt without giving me the gap between my waist and the jeans. I can dress them up or dress them down. And the best part? They’re $36.50.

  40. Being the mother of a 13 month old, I think my favorite pair of jeans are the ones from Ann Taylor that I bought after my daughter was born thinking I would eventually fit into them. They still sit in the closet gathering dust. 🙂

  41. My fave pair of jeans are a pair of True Religions that haven’t seen the light of day since my daughter was born. Sigh…

  42. My very favorite pair of jeans was the first pair that I ever found in a store with an “extra long” inseam. At the time 35 inch inseam was UNHEARD of (and still not long enough for me). Oh how far we’ve come. I am now in the day where I can get jeans long enough to wear with heels, although flats are my choice while chasing my 2 year old! I loved those Silvers although they did nothing for me!

  43. My favorite pair of jeans are a pair of regular ol’ jeans that I don’t even know the brand of! One of the reasons I love them so much is I could wear them till I delivered my son and I am now 29 weeks pregnant with my second and still wearing them comfortably! They are great and more comfy than any pair of maternity Ive ever tried.

  44. My favorite pair of jeans still hangs in my closet. I am only 5 foot tall and since I got preggers I never have been able to fit back into those jeans yes even 4 years later. They were the perfect fit by Tommy Hilfiger, no gappy butt crack for all to view, and perfect length, no tripping over the extra material as I walked down the hall, and perfect inseam, not bulg crotch here! But since I have had my child yes four years ago, my body is all out of whack, and I have not beenable to find a good fitting pair of jeans since! YES FOUR YEARS AGO!

  45. My favourite jeans are any pair that makes my butt look GOOD that day. That means a particular pair can move from awesome to not so awesome in a matter of days.

  46. My favorite pair of jeans are one I have right now. My husband bought them for me and they fit perfectly!

  47. My favorite pair of jeans are 5 sizes smaller than what I currently wear and were Lucky brand jeans. I wore holes in those jeans. RIP. So now my favs are a size 10 Arizona Jean from JCPenny’s. They are not expensive, because I’m gonna lose weight and need smaller, cuter clothes. Right?!…… at least that is what my irrational self is planning. They are “skinny” jeans, nothing skinny about them, and I rock them with class in sneakers and heels. I don’t look emo or like I’m trying to relive my skinnier younger glory days. 🙂

  48. my favorite pair of jeans is any pair that has been worn a day or two before…not the fresh-out-of-the-dryer-stick-to-your-thighs fit.

  49. My favorite pair of jeans ever were these wonderful David Kahns. My sweet mom bought them for me right before one of my wedding showers (it was a bbq), and she’s NOT one to spend that much on clothes. I wore those things ragged. I try to say that’s why, the first time I excitedly squeezed them on post-pregnancy, I split the a$$ wide open. And then cried real tears.

  50. Oh I’d love to win this! My favorite pair of jeans are a dark faded blue size 2 that make me look tall and skinny even though I’m only 5’3 and no I don’t fit into those… Yet!

  51. My favorite pair of jeans was a pair of Calvin Klein’s I got as a sophomore in high school. They were my first “designer” jeans and they were amazing. They fit my butt like a glove and I felt AWESOME in them.

    ::sigh:: I miss those jeans and the butt that wore them.

  52. My favorite pair of jeans ever a my Joe’s. Sadly, I haven’t been able to fit into them since I got pregnant with my now 18 month old son. Maybe someday I’ll get to wear them again!

  53. my favorite pair of jeans was a pair of Gap jeans that fit perfectly every time I put them on and always looked great… I wore them until there were so many holes they became borderline obscene. RIP 🙁

  54. natalie curran on

    My favorite pair of jeans was a pair of Paige Denim jeans I bought 3 years ago. They made my butt look great! However I wore them throughout the first five months of pregnancy until there were too many holes in them ….

  55. My favorite pair of jeans were absolutely the first pair I bought after being pregnant. I still hadn’t lost all my baby weight but was completely tired of wearing maternity pants!! My sweet husband took me shopping and splurged on a pair of designer jeans that were WAY too expensive. They now sit in my closet because I lost the baby weight! They were absolutely worth every penny of the $250… even if they only fit for a few weeks. They made me feel human again 🙂

  56. My favorite pair of jeans are a pair from American Eagle that are probably about 5 years old. They make my butt look great, and sit low so I can still wear them through a good part of pregnancy, but they aren’t “hello buttcrack” low.

  57. Mine is a pair from American Eagle. They are a dark wash with a slightly flared leg. They looked great with tennis shoes and awesome with heels. I probably wore them every day. Now, fast forward a few years and a baby, they don’t fit. But, I still have them with hopes that maybe one day I can wear them. If that day ever comes, I’m throwing the biggest party ever!

  58. My favorite pair of jeans ever were from the Gap – they’ve moved on to the great jean afterlife, but I still remember how much I loved sliding into those worn out, perfectly comfortable pants!

  59. My all-time favorite jeans were my first American Eagle jeans that I bought myself. I wore them until they could no longer be worn, 4 years later, due to holes at the hem (I’m short) and the crotch (I sit with one leg folded under me ALL the time). RIP AmEag size 2s(dont hate me). You were loved. Until that time on a college mission trip when I was sitting cross-legged and wondering why that boy across the room was staring at me. Then you were retired.

  60. Would love to read this book!

    After getting hired for my first job after college in 2003, just as premium denim was starting to become the norm, I splurged on a pair of $120 Lucky jeans that made my ass look fantastic.

    They are my barometer of how thin I was when I was 21 🙂 And I can’t wait to wear them again after my baby girl is born.

  61. My favorite jeans are dark, skinny jeans that I found on sale for $10!
    I love cute and I love cheap, and I love it even more when the two are combined.

  62. I loved a pair of Kelly Ralph Lauren jeans I had before having kids. The knees wore out just before I got pregnant the first time, making it easier to throw them away for that reason, rather than the fact they never fit that well again.

  63. My favorite pair of jeans are my Paige Premium Denim Lauren Canyon bootcuts. I love them so much that I almost bought a pair of Paige maternity jeans on Gilt and I’m not even pregnant–I just want to be ready!

  64. My favorite pair were a pair that I had as a senior in high school. They fit perfectly and had this very small place in the back at the top that tied up with a leather string.
    Oh & I still adore them because they were size 2. Yeahhh I’ll never get back into those. Ugh.

    Oh they were Mudd… remember that brand? lol

    Looks like a great book! I can’t wait to read it.

  65. my favorite jeans are a pair of rock n republic jeans that make my ass look amazing…now I just have to lose this baby weight and get back into them!

  66. i LOVE gap long and lean jeans, and i am neither long, nor lean. lol. i’m 5’4″ and could stand to lose 20 pounds or so. but they are amazing. they don’t gap in the back, and they make me feel like i don’t need to lose those 20 pounds!

  67. My favorite pair of jeans is now completely shredded… I wore them for about 7 years (too tight with Freshman 15; comfy and baggy but still fitted when I finally lost that). I even wore them when they had a giant hole in the butt — yup, although people are willing to shell out $150 for holey, pre-worn jeans, I actually WORE a hole in the butt/thigh crease, not to mention a knee-hole and some serious fading — until DH insisted on buying me a new pair.

    Hard to blame the guy, really.

  68. My favorite jeans of all time are the SO brand, dark, skinny legs. I love that they’re only 15 bucks a pair so I can have more than one of my favorite!

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