#helpSam Update – SO CLOSE! Need your help!

I’m coming at you with another #helpSam update. We are 3 days out from the end of the fundraiser (June 11th), and while we’ve smashed my original $1,000 goal to little tiny pieces that say “fuck you asshole cancer” all over them, we are still not quite to our GRAND FINALE SUPER SPECTACULAR AWESOME goal of $7,500, which would pay for 5 months of COBRA insurance bills the Sartins are facing.

(If this is the first you’re hearing of Sam, please read his story here.)

At this moment, there is $6,868.33 in the #helpSam PayPal account. We are SO CLOSE!! I know we can make it there, but I don’t want to take anything for granted. The truth is, over the last week, the donations have really slowed down. I completely expected that. I mean, we’ve raised a TON of money and so many people have contributed, but let’s not run out of steam yet. I don’t know how else to spread the word beyond my own little circle of influence other than asking you in my circle to please spread the word to yours. Tweet about it, Facebook it, tell your moms group, whatever you can come up with. $5 gets everyone a chance to win one of so many spectacular prizes, but best of all, it gives you a warm fuzzy  feeling, knowing that, in some way, you were able to help a family whose baby, not even a year on this earth yet, is fighting for his life, fighting against cancer.

I leave you with a video of Sam, the fighter. He makes it look so easy.

Waiting Room from Cassie Sartin on Vimeo.

Please go here to see the list of prizes and donate (scroll all the way to the bottom for the donate button). Or just send funds to helpsamfundraiser@gmail.com. Thank you so much to all of you who are spreading the word, thank you to everyone who’s donated. Thank you for all the kind thoughts and prayers. I know Cassie and her family are so appreciative of it all. Thank you for being amazing.

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  1. I am sorry it has taken me so long to donate! Every time I read your posts I am out and about or drowning in moving craziness. This donation is in memory of precious little Collin Marsh–from one little boy who was such a fighter to another. I am sure Collin is looking down from Heaven cheering Sam on! Thanks for helping such an amazing family. You are truly an awesome mommy Jill!

    • Completely understandable! Thank you so much for donating. My heart goes out to Collin’s family. I hate to hear of any child losing their battle.

  2. Have donated and am spreading the word to everyone I know. I really hope we reach the goal. Sam is such a sweetie. That video just warmed my heart.

  3. With your permission I would like to reblog this over at my blog to help get that last little bit needed, its such a good cause and its a great thing that your doing!

  4. Done! I’ve been following the progress and hoping with all the help you can reach the goal! You’re so close!

    I’ll try to get a blog post about it online today. It’s such a great cause and he’s just so adorable!

  5. I don’t see the “donate” button that takes you to PayPal.

    Is it set-up so that people can see how much has been raised in real time?


  6. I just posted this on my mom’s chat board (momscorneronline.com) even if they can’t donate, I know they will pray for him!!

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