Formally Announcing My 2010 Blogher Sponsor

So in August I’m going to fly to NYC and go to this conference all about how to be a big girl blogger. (I will also room with some girls who I’m pretty sure are not serial killers and I’m fairly confident won’t try to kill me in my sleep or cut the baby from my womb, Mandy, Mae and Beth Anne. How fun is that?!) It’s pretty much the end all be all for all women bloggers, THE conference, Blogher 2010. I promised myself last year, as I sat home and read all the #blogher tweets and wallowed in my own self pity and envy, that I would make it happen this year.

I was fully prepared to take on the costs by myself and have been saving since last August, but I also told myself I’d work hard to find a sponsor who I truly believe in, whose products and/or services fall in line with my beliefs and values, who I would be happy to align myself with at the conference.

Well, I’m super happy to tell you all that I successfully found just a company. BornFree is sending me to Blogher!

As many of you may know, I’ve been on the BornFree Mom Panel for a few months now, contributing blog posts a couple times a month and helping them get the word out about their great line of feeding products that are 100% free of BPA, Phthalates and PVC. I actually began my relationship with them right after I finished my week-long gig as guest blogger for Dr. Greene, who is a BornFree supporter. They reached out to do a giveaway with me, and at the same time, things came together for me to start doing some product information sessions for them , training employees at local stores that carry their products. As a result, I’ve learned so much about the BornFree product line and about the importance of feeding products that are free of BPA, Phthalates and PVC.

Though Kendall never took a bottle or a pacifier, he’s used plenty of their cups. The Twist’nPop straw cups BornFree sent for his birthday party have been such a hit. We have 3 that replaced all the other cups in the pantry. I usually keep water in one, milk in the other while one is washing.

I am thrilled to be teaming up with BornFree, and so honored they’ve chosen me as their Blogher representative. We’re still working out all the details, but plans are in the works for some on site giveaways of some great BornFree products (following the Blogher guidelines and as an opt-in sort of thing only, of course), and hopefully we can work out something special for those of you who can’t make the conference, too.


This is seriously awesome, and I’m really jealous already of whoever ends up winning this. If you are going to Blogher, too, check out this SWEET giveaway BornFree is hosting.

The BornFree Time Out

One lucky winner, attending Blogher 2010, will win all this :

The Ultimate Indulgence Package at the Elizabeth Arden Red Door Salon & Spa

  • Elizabeth Arden Facial
  • Desert Hot Stone Massage
  • Olive Oil Manicure
  • Olive Oil Pedicure
  • Shampoo, Blow Dry, & Finish
  • Makeup Refresher
  • Spa Lunch

-Dinner for you and a friend at The Russian Tea Room ($250)

-A $1,000 NYC Shopping Spree

HELLO??!!! Who does NOT want to win that?! (Just so you know, I can make myself available for dinner… just in case you were wondering.)

So make sure you head over to to enter.