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Read this! My favorite book this summer- Not Ready for Mom Jeans.

I’ll admit that I haven’t read many books lately. Scratch that. What I mean is I haven’t read many books thatView full post »


So Maybe I’m the One Who Needs To Be Trained?

The last couple weeks have gone pretty well around here on the potty training front. The kid hasn’t had an accident in wellView full post »


“When did we become these people?”

Scott said to me as he tossed a handful of used, dried up wet wipes at me to throw in a garbage bag. “What people?” I replied,View full post »


Life With A Parrot

Having a toddler is like having a really unflattering mirror. Kendall’s in this phase where he likes to mimic us. He busts out theView full post »


The Power of Poop

Kendall has discovered the power he holds between his butt cheeks. Poop is now the great negotiating tool in the house. Anytime he thinksView full post »


“I’m in love, I’m in love, and I don’t care who knows it!”

With just one day away from being 14 weeks pregnant, I *think* I’m in my second trimester. I certainly feel like I’m in myView full post »


Potty Training in Progress

We’re still far from there, but we’re taking baby steps. Last night Kendall got to enjoy a fat bowl ofView full post »


Lisa Leonard Designs Review and $100 Giveaway

Prepare to say “Awwww!” I don’t know who loves it more, Kendall or me. Every time I wear it heView full post »


If I promise not to ask grammar questions, will you give me a good deal on highlights?

On Friday BluDoor Studios is taking some new headshots for me since the ones I have up now are 3 years old and I feel a little deceptiveView full post »


Still Blown Away (#helpSam)

Well, folks, the final emails went out this morning. I’ve officially notified everyone of their prize wins. Check your inboxes andView full post »


Beef, it’s what for dinner.

And lunch, and even breakfast. It started about a week ago, a friend posted a picture of a steak on her Facebook status. I was drawn to it,View full post »


The Heart of Life is Good

The last three weeks have been incredible. I’ve been moved to tears by your generosity more times than I can count. What started outView full post »


It’s super fun to freak mom out, even in utero.

Yesterday I was drifting off for my daily, much needed afternoon nap when I caught myself thinking I might have felt the baby. Then I had aView full post »


#helpSam Update – SO CLOSE! Need your help!

I’m coming at you with another #helpSam update. We are 3 days out from the end of the fundraiser (June 11th), and while we’veView full post »


Breastfeeding doesn’t kill marriages…

Immature douchebags do. Rabbi Shmuley, host of TLC’s Shalom in the Home, wrote an article arguing that breastfeeding is destroyingView full post »


The story of how the lawnmower ate my face

A while ago, like maybe a month ago… or longer, Kendall walked up to the lawnmower right after Scott turned it off, touched it, andView full post »


I Caved to the “Ugly Shoes”

Never say never. How many times have I uttered that? It should be tattooed on every new parent’s arm. A CONSTANT reminder. I bet if IView full post »


Formally Announcing My 2010 Blogher Sponsor

So in August I’m going to fly to NYC and go to this conference all about how to be a big girl blogger. (I will also room with someView full post »