Read this! My favorite book this summer- Not Ready for Mom Jeans.

final cover

I’ll admit that I haven’t read many books lately. Scratch that. What I mean is I haven’t read many books that don’t talk to you about how to talk to your toddler like a caveman or how to make your own baby food. I mean, I read. A lot. Not really book form, though, more […]

So Maybe I’m the One Who Needs To Be Trained?

The last couple weeks have gone pretty well around here on the potty training front. The kid hasn’t had an accident in well over a week, if not 2. He’s in his big boy undies when he’s not napping or sleeping as long as we’re around the house. Out in public? Different story. We diaper […]

“When did we become these people?”

Scott said to me as he tossed a handful of used, dried up wet wipes at me to throw in a garbage bag. “What people?” I replied, wiping the sweat from my brow while watching Kendall jump around the 110 degree garage from the corner of my eye. “You know, the people who have shit […]

Life With A Parrot

Having a toddler is like having a really unflattering mirror. Kendall’s in this phase where he likes to mimic us. He busts out the craziest/funniest things lately, and our first reaction is always to look at each other and say, “Do we SAY (DO) that?” After much introspection, we usually come to the conclusion that […]