It took me 13 years to get a trampoline, this kid gets one in 2.

Well, it’s official. I have a two year old. We celebrated Kendall’s birthday in grand fashion this weekend, including a bounce party and a house full of family. It ended in 1/3 of my tiny backyard being taken over by the most grossly humongous trampoline you’ve ever seen. Let’s just say I started out wanting a “toddler” trampoline like this one-

A manageable 7 feet

But ended up with something like this once my 32 going on 12 husband had his way.

It's FIFTEEN feet!

All I can say is how the hell did I ever survive growing up with the death trap that was our trampoline? Net enclosures were nonexistent and we couldn’t even get that spring cover pad to stay on.  It was just a bouncy, rusty, circle of death, especially when we would throw the sprinkler underneath, load 6 kids on top in bathing suits and squirt Dawn dish soap all over it. How did I survive the CIRCLE OF DEATH?

Moving on… I will do a full birthday party post tomorrow, complete with pictures from the party in which 99% Kendall has his finger crammed up his nose. He is so *that* kid right now. And I don’t even fight with him about it anymore because anytime I tell him to not do something that’s “gross” or “icky” he thinks it’s that much cooler and just does it more, shoves his finger up there farther, digs things out for me, shows them to me while laughing and cackling “gross!” over and over.

I was looking through his pictures on my computer tonight because that’s where they all live… on my computer… not in a proper album like they should, like I promised I would make by the time he turned 2. Anyway, I figured I’d share some of them that I’m fairly certain I’ve never posted on here before because this is my “mommy blog” and I thought for once I’d try to act like a real “mommy blogger” and ooh and ahh over my sweet boy and how big he’s become.

Let Oohing and Aahing commence.

Kendall is 2 years old, and has officially started repeating everything I say. Tonight it was, “butt,” as in, “come here and let me wipe your butt, there’s still poop on it!”