Darn energy sucking fetus

OMG Y’all! This child is sucking the life out of me.  I will be really super duper impressed if I manage to get dressed and go to Target today. I’ve been trying to go to Target all week, a mere 3 miles away. You’d think I’ve been putting off a trip to the Himalayas. Why do I not remember being *this* exhausted last time? I really can’t use the excuse that Kendall’s wearing me out because my mom has been here and she and Scott have been rockstars at relieving me of my duties so I can shuffle around the house in my pajamas, hemming and hawing about food until I finally give in and take my second nap of the day.

It’s really quite embarrassing how incapacitated I am. The other day I managed to get Kendall out of the house and all the way downtown to the arboretum for a couple hours. I think I’m still recovering. It WIPED me out. I didn’t make the trip any easier on myself by neglecting to bring the stroller and grabbing lunch at the “cafe” (said extra breathy). It was one of those places that does everything short of posting a “we dislike children” sign at the front door. No highchairs, no straws, no kids menu (unless you use the secret word and handshake and get your waiter to reveal the pricey pint sized selections from an unprinted menu). But, dammit, I was so hungry I was eyeing Peter Rabbit at the petting zoo, and I knew food (even in the form of fancy tea sandwiches) would be a great distraction for Kendall, allowing us both to sit down for a little bit. Yes, that’s right. There was a petting zoo and various other attractions set up for the much, much younger crowd directly across from the “cafe,” so they really can’t blame me for dragging the little monster there at noon. I could have packed a picnic lunch like all the other smart moms there, but I was too tired to even think about it before we left.

The exhaustion is two fold because not only is growing a baby exhausting work, but I can’t stand to even think about drinking coffee. ::shudder:: It was hard to just type that. I’ve gone to basically zero caffeine, and not really on purpose, just because everything with caffeine makes me want to turn myself inside out just thinking about it. If I could find a way to inject a little into a baked potato with shredded cheese (and only shredded cheese, any other cheese makes the potato completely void and disgusting… which is why I really need to get to Target because we are out of shredded cheese), I would be golden.

I told myself at the beginning of this pregnancy that I was GOING TO WORK OUT THIS TIME. I swear, it has been my intention every night when I go to bed to get up the next morning and at least go to the gym to walk on the treadmill. And yet, each morning, just like the one before it, I’m reminded why that never happens. I can’t even walk from one side of the house to the next without wanting a nap, and the thought of getting all hot and sweaty? Ugh, ugh.. blarghhhhhh.

I’m going to stop the complaining here, not because I’m done, but because I am, once again, too tired to think.

8 weeks pregnant and 3.5 hours away from naptime

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  1. I just left Target and ended up with someone else’s shredded cheese in my bag. I wish I could give it to you!

    You are scaring me. This whole pregnant w/ a toddler thing is starting to wig me out. I may put off TTC a bit more.

  2. Ummm, you pretty much just summed up my exact experience through my first trimester with this pregnancy — complete with shredded cheese and potato addiction. It is RIDICULOUS how wiped out you can get during that first trimester.

    Those lazy days are starting to hit me again in the final weeks of my third trimester. I have to literally give myself a pep talk to get into the shower in the morning.

    Who knew that pregnancy would have the same lethargic effects as a sedative dart?

  3. HAHAHAHA! You just described me about 10 weeks ago. I was a slug. I could barely get off the couch for weeks. My children foraged for their own food, had questionable hygiene if Big Daddy didn’t bathe them, and pretty much watched non stop TV. It was all I could do to survive. Hang in there, you’ll get your energy back soon. Until then, be a slug. You’re growing a person, it takes energy!

    • Okay. It doesn’t take much to convince me. If only I could just show up at the gym to take a nap so that my husband thinks I’m using the membership we’re paying for.

    • You’re not the first to say that. Scott thinks it’s twins. I think I’ll cut his balls off it is. We won’t need them anymore anyway since I will be DONE with three. God, please just let it be a girl…ONE girl.

  4. Ditto Mae. It’s probably one of my favorite things EVER!

    What about sweet tea? Does that gross you out? ‘Cause let me tell you, I went almost a year with no caffeine (being pregnant and neurotic, you know), and all of a sudden I get a buzz from a glass of tea akin to taking a shot of tequila.

    And potatoes should be named the official food of the first tri. All I could eat were carbs and cheese. The thought of eating so much as a green bean sent me into a fit of nausea, and I was certain Knox would come out speaking Spanish after all the cheese quesadillas I inhaled. He didn’t though, which is kind of a shame because we’d be pretty rich right now.

    I hope you make it to Target!!

    • I can’t really handle too much sweet stuff right now, so sweet tea is out. However, I can drink unsweetened tea and have been trying to get as much a caffeine buzz off of that as possible.

  5. I know exactly how you feel. I cannot fathom how I’m managing to work at both of my jobs, and keep up with the toddler at night. By the time he goes to be at 7:30 or 8, I’m not far behind him.

    Save working out for the second tri. I said the same thing about working out this time & it hasn’t happened so far.

  6. Hmm…sleeping the day away in my pj’s does sound promising. I need the husband to get home ASAP so we can get Operation Make a Baby underway.

    Congratulations to you and Scott! I’m excited to follow you along with this pregnancy, I found you after Kendall was a month or two old so I didn’t get the opportunity to follow along as you progressed.

  7. I was so there. I don’t remember much from last summer because I was in an exhausted haze with a teething, breastfeeding monster of a toddler.

    I would rather have eaten the dog than traveled to the grocery store.

    It will get better. There is hope!

  8. Gee thanks, now I’m going to cry because I don’t have any shredded cheese in my house. WHY IS MY LIFE SO HORRIBLE?

    I’m totally fine until about 2 pm but then BAM! Done. I’m thinking of asking my husband to start going to work at 3 am so he can be back in time to take the afternoon shift. Sounds totally reasonable to me.

  9. Seriousl I am almost 26 weeks preggo and I still have no energy and am exhausted all the time. I feel bad because my kiddos are in the house alot because I just don’t have the energy to take them outside. (thankfully the weather is really crappy right now so theres another excuse).

  10. I am right there with you! I JUST got my energy back and I am 21 weeks pregnant. So in a few short weeks it will be zapped from me again. Poo. 2nd pregnancies are hard.

  11. I feel for you, I had awful fatigue compounded my hyperemesis and anemia for both my pregnancies and we live in a three level townhome so I had to go up a flight of stairs to even get to my couch, TWO if I wanted my bed. I asked my husband if we could just move the recliner to the entryway.
    He said no.

  12. oh no! so sorry you’ve been pulled into the first tri exhaustion abyss! I remember it well… I can’t even imagine how I’m going to get through the first tri with a toddler. At first I was thinking how nice it would be to be able to stay at home in your jammies while you go through this… but then I considered that that means the work NEVER stops. I have a feeling “work” will be my resting place! I’ll probably get caught sleeping under my desk.

    • I don’t know. I think I would die if I had to get dressed for an office job everyday right now. I have mucho admiration for pregnant mommas who work out of the house.

  13. quazydellasue on

    Yikes, you’re scaring me. I’m going to TTC soon, with a 2 yr old, and I get CRAZY sick and tired my first trimester, too. Last time I spent about 4 weeks in bed, watching Project Runway on my laptop and moaning. Clearly I can’t do that this time…dammit.

    The good news for you is that 8 weeks is really the peak of feeling bad – 8 or 9 weeks. And, for most people anyway, 10 weeks signals a tiny improvement, and 12 weeks a major one. So hopefully you will only feel like THIS another week or two!

  14. Can I just thank you, once again, for posting stuff like this? It REALLY REALLY helps me not be bummed out about not getting pregnant. I’m serious. I need 40 hours in each day just to get all the crap done that I have to do, and I could NOT IMAGINE trying to get it done while being even more run down or exhausted than I already am. And I fully remember how little control we have over the way we feel while pregnant. Been there twice – totally remember now!

    In fact, you’re making me feel so much better about it that the vasectomy is starting to seem like a much wiser idea right now. Who needs three kids anyway?

  15. Jill Steuter on

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I had no idea you were expecting Baby Krause #2!!!! So happy for you, Scott, & Kendall!! Yay 🙂 Sorry about the exhaustion thing… I can’t imagine being this tired and chasing a toddler around– you are pretty amazing, woman!

    • Thanks, Jill!

      You know who’s amazing? My husband for understanding that my only goals for the day are to keep the kid alive and occasionally throw food at him 🙂

  16. I’m 24 weeks with a 19MO and although I definitely feel better then I did in the first tri, I’m still tired. This morning I went to pump it up, target, lunch and was home by 12.30 but I feel like I ran a marathon. The good thing is I’m not as fat as I was the first time I was pregnant. Don’t worry about exercising while pregnant, chasing your toddler is enough.

  17. Michelle Nolan on

    Dear God. Now I’m even more scared for the next one! I do remember being that tired. And now I have a 2 year old. And I’m several years older than you! Maybe I’ll just adopt.

  18. This was me with my second. I knew instantly it was a girl because really why would a boy want to suck every. last. hormone. out of my body. I’m calling it now…GIRL!

  19. I know that exhaustion!! I remember it. Vividly. I did walk on the treadmill daily – once I hit the second trimester. The first trimester was a definite no – all I wanted was to sleep. Does it say something about me that I am even longing for the exhaustion at the moment? Hmm…

  20. I have so been there. I am 38 weeks pregnant now and have been getting my butt kicked this whole pregnancy and I think a lot of it has to do with having a 19 month old at home. It was a little better in the second trimester but it was definitely different than the first time. Wish I had better news but thought I would let you know that you are not alone in your experience!

  21. This makes me nervous… I *just* found out I’m pregnant (and we haven’t gone public with our friends/family yet). I’ve been anticipating a busy, active (though somewhat unfortunately sober) summer. So far I’ve felt absolutely great. Now I’m afraid that in a couple of weeks I’ll be tired and barfy… It will be fun reading your blog since you’re just a few weeks ahead of me. I’ll know exactly what to expect!

  22. I was that mind-boggling level of tired with my first pregnancy– I pretty much slept through my first trimester.

    I hope you get some shredded cheese asap!

  23. Good luck! This is my 2nd pregnancy and I’ve been exhausted the WHOLE ENTIRE TIME. I’m currently 33 weeks along. And I only have a 15 month old at home. (And, new baby is going to be a boy… so yeah, boys suck the life out of you too!)

  24. As my grandmother always used to say to me, “This too shall pass.” Until then, hang in there! (P.S. You’re a great writer!)

  25. Katie Seelinger on

    Hey, so I know this is from eons ago in terms of blog post timing, but I came across it and had to comment. I am 17 weeks pregnant and feel pretty much the same as you described. I’ve felt this way the entire time, and the only change is that as of the last week or so I have had a blessed reprieve from puking every 5 minutes. I feel like I have been scrapped of the floor and have a hard time even breathing. And the whole “need to work out thing” is a constant mental battle for me. Especially since I am gearing up for a VBAC. I have a 2 year old now and am questioning my sanity on a daily basis haha. So yea, thanks for making me laugh and feel not so alone 🙂
    Oh, and if I hear the term “honeymoon trimester” used to describe the time frame I am in, one more time, I am going to scream like a maniac.

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