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Out of the mouth of my babe

Kendall’s entered a new, magical phase. One where he chatters and talks in a language I can, most of the time, understand.View full post »


#helpSam update

WOW. WOW. WOW. I really don’t know what else to say. You know that $1,000 goal? Hah! Smashed that in HOURS. In fact, after IView full post »


Sometimes a girl just needs a margarita

It’s been a long day, at the end of a long week. Frankly, it’s been a long few weeks. The heat is here, summer is upon us, andView full post »


Meet Baby Sam

At the beginning of April, 2010, when Sam was just 4 months old, he had surgery to remove a lump from hisView full post »


DIY Inexpensive and Easy Cupcake Stand

As promised, and of course, late- directions on how to whip up a super simple and inexpensive cupcake stand for any occaision. Let me justView full post »


Baby’s healthy! Now where should I deliver?

Great news, the baby looked healthy! Better news, there is only one (not that 2 would have been bad news, but 1 is PLENTY!). Scott’sView full post »


Jumbled Mess about Sonograms and Potty Training

Just a couple hours out from our first sonogram. I can’t tell if this topsy turvy stomach is morning sickness or nerves, butView full post »


It’s not you, it’s not even me, IT’S THE BABY.

Dear Husband, I get the feeling you’re taking this whole food aversion phase a little too personally. Here’s the thing,View full post »


Darn energy sucking fetus

OMG Y’all! This child is sucking the life out of me.  I will be really super duper impressed if I manage to get dressed and go toView full post »


Our Perfectly Sweet Getaway To Wine Country

Time to relive our beautiful Sonoma vacation with a little vacay recap for you all! We took off on Saturday, April 24th, flying SouthwestView full post »


Well, it wasn’t a toilet snake…

He was hiding flowers! That would explain why I briefly thought his shit smelled like roses. Not just for me, either. He and Kendall pickedView full post »


He better be hiding jewelry

This morning, while I laid on the couch catnapping and nibbling on whatever I could shove down my mouth that came the closest to resemblingView full post »


Leave it to me to plan a trip to wine country…

And be pregnant when we arrive! Remember how I had a chemical pregnancy last month? Well, the nurse advised that maybe we take a cycle off,View full post »


Jump Around, Jump Around!

I began planning Kendall’s 2nd birthday party a couple months ago when he learned the word “house.” Not as in theView full post »


It took me 13 years to get a trampoline, this kid gets one in 2.

Well, it’s official. I have a two year old. We celebrated Kendall’s birthday in grand fashion this weekend, including a bounceView full post »