Farewell to my motherland

1. Look at me, blogging from my phone in the airport!

2. I wouldn’t be blogging while still technically on vacation except my husband made us show up 3 hours early to the airport and, frankly, we’ve run out of things to talk about.

So… It was fantastic! And while I did miss Kendall a wee bit, I never once felt guilty for leaving him. Perhaps it’s because I knew he wouldn’t have enjoyed the trip anyway.

One of the best parts of the trip was listening to and learning from some of the guys behind the scenes of the wineries. A guy at the Kendall Jackson tasting counter was telling us all about how he retired from big IT and moved to Sonoma with his wife after his kids left for college. They live in a small house not far from the coast, where they pick up fresh crab on the weekends.

We stood there, listening to his story, envious and plotting our retirement plans to do the same thing, remarking that we could never afford the same lifestyle with kids. “You have a kid? How old?” he asked.

Upon learning that we have a two year old son, his eyes lit up. “These are your magic years,” he said. “And here we thought retirement to Sonoma would be pretty magical,” I replied. “No, this has nothing on those magical years you spend building your family, the time with your young children. Enjoy it.” And we stood there quietly for a moment. It was sort of a Freaky Friday vibe where I think we each thought briefly what it would be like to be on the other side of the counter, living each other’s life.

Now I’m headed home, leaving behind this motherland I never knew I was separated from. I guess we have lots of “magic” to live through before ever being properly reunited. And by magic I mean diapers and potty training, tantrums and timeouts, play dates and first dates, teenage angst and fights for freedom.

I suppose one day I’ll look back on these years and think of them as magical just like I might think of child birth as beautiful and amazing. I’ll forget all the bodily fluids and screaming.