It’s a Vacation Miracle!

On our last day in Sonoma my mom informed me she and Kendall had a surprise for us when we got home. She’d got him to go pee AND poop in the big potty, MULTIPLE times. My son? The one who screams, “Ow! Momma, stuck!” every time I sit him on the toilet (big or […]

Farewell to my motherland


1. Look at me, blogging from my phone in the airport! 2. I wouldn’t be blogging while still technically on vacation except my husband made us show up 3 hours early to the airport and, frankly, we’ve run out of things to talk about. So… It was fantastic! And while I did miss Kendall a […]

This one time, I had a sister wife.

sister wives

I’m a little obsessed with Big Love. Have you seen it? Oh, it’s so fabulous. Not fabulous enough to pay for an HBO subscription, but totally fabulous enough to pay for Netflix so we can devour a season at a time in one week. (Hmmm… and now I’m wondering when season 4 comes out. Hopefully […]

Faking it


Every now and then a friend will say something to me like, “How do you do it all?” or, even worse, refer to me as a “Supermom.” It’s totally mind boggling. It really is. I do NOT have it all together, I certainly don’t do even close to half of it, and I still haven’t […]