A smart, eco-friendly way to stock your kid’s closet (and clean it out!)


I think one of my number one bits of advice I tell all my pregnant girlfriends is DON’T GO CRAZY on the clothes.  I know, I’ve been there… the tiny onesies at Baby Gap, the little Ralph Lauren polos, the super cute and only a fraction of the grownup price designer jeans. It’s all SO […]

Just call me the Wine Rescuer

I guess it’s really no secret I like wine. I mean, I’ve planned a whole vacation around it. I even did one of those Facebook things at the end of 2009 about what my most used words in my status updates throughout the year were, and while all my other mom friends showed their kids’ […]

In which you learn how obsessed I can become with planning things

In the last 3 days I think I’ve done more research for our vacation than I ever did for our house, which might explain why I’m not all that thrilled about where we live, but will hopefully mean we’ll end up with a getaway that will not disappoint. First, THANK YOU. You all are so […]

Please help me get out of here

A couple weeks ago, after the pee meltdown, I told my husband all about my dreams for a vacation. I presented him with some fabulous options, including a weekend in Sonoma, complete with limo rides and wine tastings (this was before the positive pregnancy test). His response? “Isn’t that all a little too fancy for […]