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I get by with a little help from my friends.

Being a stay at home mom can feel really isolating. It’s not uncommon for me to go 6 hours without speaking out loud to anotherView full post »


New study- This is why your show annoys me

I’ve admitted on here before, but I’ll say it again- my kid watches TV. The amount varies from day to day and week toView full post »


Announcing the Modern Bird Studios winners!

Yes, I said winnerS!  Megan and Gregg decided, in addition to giving away one free piece of custom art, they would also give out two 50%View full post »


Is this age related? Or are clothes actually terrible right now?

So… I turned 29 over the weekend. I still can’t believe it. One year left of my twenties, that’s it! I spent a littleView full post »


On crib abandonment and keeping it in perspective

On Monday afternoon I put Kendall in his crib for a nap. He was fighting it pretty hard, but I knew he was exhausted and he needed theView full post »


Just because it’s not at Babies”R”Us doesn’t mean you don’t need it

Believe it or not, you can’t get EVERYTHING you need for a baby/toddler at those giant, overwhelming mega baby marts. I mean, forView full post »


Modern Bird Studios – custom art with soul

Every now and then, through these great mediums we call social media, I make a really, truly wonderful connection with a blogger, a reader,View full post »


Prioritizing my worry list

I don’t think I understood how important it is to “pick your battles” until I became a mom. There are SO MANY small andView full post »


Some things really bring out the crazy in me, like worms.

This story is too funny not to blog. I’ve already spoiled it for my Facebook Fans (What? I have a Facebook Fan Page? YEAH! Check itView full post »


Keep your mommy wars off of Facebook!

Ahhh, Facebook. I love you, I do. And yet, I hate you, or… more like some of the other people who use you. Specifically, the otherView full post »