I get by with a little help from my friends.

Being a stay at home mom can feel really isolating. It’s not uncommon for me to go 6 hours without speaking out loud to another adult. Maybe that’s why I’m addicted to the internet, social networking and technology, and keep my Iphone near me like it’s an IV drip of life saving fluid. Because even […]

New study- This is why your show annoys me


I’ve admitted on here before, but I’ll say it again- my kid watches TV. The amount varies from day to day and week to week. Honestly, he watches the most when my husband is out of town because, well, I need a break. But on a typical day, when we are both home, he might […]

Announcing the Modern Bird Studios winners!

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Yes, I said winnerS! ┬áMegan and Gregg decided, in addition to giving away one free piece of custom art, they would also give out two 50% off discounts to two random commenters. The winner of the free piece of art with SOUL is commenter #105 – Amber! The winners of the 50% 0ff discount are […]

Is this age related? Or are clothes actually terrible right now?

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So… I turned 29 over the weekend. I still can’t believe it. One year left of my twenties, that’s it! I spent a little time reflecting on where I’m at in life, and wondering if the 19 year old me would approve, but then I quit that when I remembered that the 19 year old […]