The Power of the Negotiator

The conversation ┬álast night went a little something like this…

Me: “You know, we really need to get some better beer,” as I guzzle down the last of a can of Budwieser.

Scott: “What do you mean, you don’t like Bud now?”

Me: “I like it alright, but this is a different time in our lives. If I’m about to give up alcohol for 9 months…well, I want much better between now and then. I demand better beer and better wine, and this Bud is NOT cutting it.”

Scott: “But it’s the best value and-”

Me: “DON’T talk to me about saving money on booze. The amount of money you are going to save over the nine months that I give it up will eclipse the small investment in something nicer in the interim.”

Scott called me on his way home from work today. He was making a beer run solely on my behalf.

Muwahahahahahahahahahahaaa! THE POWER, I LOVE IT. What should I ask for next? I’m digging negotiations.

Kendall is nearly 21 months and I am the MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE