The conversation  last night went a little something like this…

Me: “You know, we really need to get some better beer,” as I guzzle down the last of a can of Budwieser.

Scott: “What do you mean, you don’t like Bud now?”

Me: “I like it alright, but this is a different time in our lives. If I’m about to give up alcohol for 9 months…well, I want much better between now and then. I demand better beer and better wine, and this Bud is NOT cutting it.”

Scott: “But it’s the best value and-”

Me: “DON’T talk to me about saving money on booze. The amount of money you are going to save over the nine months that I give it up will eclipse the small investment in something nicer in the interim.”

Scott called me on his way home from work today. He was making a beer run solely on my behalf.

Muwahahahahahahahahahahaaa! THE POWER, I LOVE IT. What should I ask for next? I’m digging negotiations.

Kendall is nearly 21 months and I am the MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE

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19 thoughts on “The Power of the Negotiator”

  1. A deep freeze! Again, with the savings on booze when you’re not drinking, should easily be able to afford one, especially in the long run as they’re so inexpensive to run and you’ll be able to buy in bulk.

    Also, cookies. There can never be enough.

  2. Never mind. As usual, Mandy’s ideas are better than mine.

    I’d hate her except that she lets me use all of her cast off baby names and party themes.

  3. Save the really big ticket items (diamonds, a houskeeper, a personal limo) for negotiations during the throes of transitional labor. For now, Magic Hat has a great “Spring Fever” beer sampler out. Enjoy the power; wield it responsibly 🙂

  4. i love it! i used the “i am carrying your baby” to get a foot rub last night. and now i could totally go for a beer, enjoy one for me!

  5. It is sooooo hard to pregnant in the summer and not be able to enjoy an ice cold beer. Enjoy as many as you can right now. My fave is Sam Adams Cherry Wheat.

  6. I love this!

    And I would ask for lots of blue cheese stuffed olives…obviously presented to you in a dirty vodka martini. Oh and lots of brie. These are the things that I dream about these days…

    PS: I love my Dyson and I promise to write about it and take some pictures in it’s new home sometime soon 🙂

    1. Yes! Just told him to add the blue cheese stuffed olives to the next grocery list. Gah, how could I forget those? I LIVED off of those before I got PG with K.

      So happy you like your Dyson!

  7. Jill,

    I have three…no…four words for you.

    Girl Scout Cookies Season.

    Go crazy! Stock up! You can claim that when you’re pregnant, you’ll CRAVE an entire box of Thin Mints and for that reason, you MUST have four boxes now! Or Samoas. Or Tagalongs!

    Bargain now for what you’ll need later.

    And try some Yuengling while you’re at it!

  8. Jill: You’ve got to try Franconia Beer!!! I love it!!!

    I took a tour of their brewery earlier this month. The owner is from Germany and from a long line for brew masters. They only sell their beer in kegs (S&K in Plano carries it) and to local restaurants. Check out this link for local restaurants:

    Oh and big bonus, they are super-eco friendly. They don’t have trash cans, no dumpster. All their trash they recycle and take it to the recycle center to ensure it makes it. The reason they don’t sell their beer in bottles is b/c the US doesn’t have a program to reuse the bottles.

  9. I know this comment is late, but I was cleaning out my (too large) list of Blog favorites & came across yours. I’m glad I spent a few mins reading it b/c I will be keeping it on my short list!

    Speaking of lists….these items were on my list of “must haves for post-partum treats” (they’re all alcohol…is that bad?)
    -a really good lemon martini
    -Newcastle Brown Ale
    -a Dirty Hoe (half raspberry Framboise & Hoegaarden beer)

    1. Hooray for short lists!

      No. Not bad at all. I really wanted a bottle of wine in recovery after Kendall, but the truth is I was not able to drink more than half a glass of wine until he was a couple months old. Not for lack of trying though! I think I basically felt drunk from the moment he was born. Sleep deprivation can feel a lot like being drunk, I think.

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