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Flip Diaper Review and Giveaway

I know I’ve been talking a lot about poop on here lately, but let me take that subject on a different tangent and talk aView full post »


Poop- still monopolizing my life

Okay, remember how I was going to be all YAY POTTY TRAINING this month? Uhm, yeah… well, that didn’t work out. WeView full post »


The Power of the Negotiator

The conversation  last night went a little something like this… Me: “You know, we really need to get some better beer,”View full post »


Helping Baggino Help Haiti

The devastation in Haiti is still on my mind. After making my donation to the Red Cross and following the story of the BRESMA orphans allView full post »


We found a farmer’s market!

Changes are a coming. Yesterday, after a lovely 8 mile family run and a trip to Starbucks where I eternally screwed myself by introducingView full post »



It was one of his first words. He’s long since had a deep, passionate love for flowers. He played with them for hours at myView full post »


Our life is changing, and I blame the chicken nugget.

A couple months ago I had the pleasure of listening to Dr. Greene speak at a Metro Moms event in Dallas. He’s a pediatrician,View full post »


Negotiations have commenced

I’ve had my boobs all to myself for 8 months. The marathon is over. Chick Fil-A is up and running. There are chicken biscuits lessView full post »


The car seat debate and how we came back to backwards

Kendall is 20 months old and, by my best guesses, at least 31 pounds. That’s 8 months and 11 pounds over the MINIMUM requirements forView full post »


Am I a slacker or just in need of a digital solution?

Not much makes me feel worse as a mom than looking at the EMPTY baby book sitting in our office. It’s a gorgeous book, and it sitsView full post »


Poop consumes way too much of my life

While some bloggers are taking this time to look to the next year and predict what it might hold for them in terms of personal success,View full post »