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So you’re going to be a Boy Mom…

I know that feeling, that excited but scared shitless feeling when the ultrasound tech tells you they see that extra bit of anatomy.View full post »


“Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”

Really, the most obnoxious, sarcastic, mocking song, which always seemed to come on at perfectly timed moments this week, like whenView full post »


“Supermom” confesses

It’s that time of year again when I get a wild hair up my ass and try to spruce up this place I call a blog. You may have noticed theView full post »


Have a Merry Dyson Christmas and a Happy Vacuuming Year!

The winner, as chosen by this morning, is commenter 945. That means that Lindsey fromView full post »


How we came to know “George” #Best09

We became homeowners about 8 weeks after Kendall was born. You should really never close on a house when your newborn is plagued withView full post »


How I gave birth to my second marathon

“This your first marathon?” I ask the girl to my right. “This is my first and my last,” sheView full post »


I think they’re working.

Timeouts, that is. Or maybe it’s just the combination of focusing on lowering my stress level, his new language explosion (even ifView full post »


Moment of Peace, my #Best09 entry

Silence except the sound of my footsteps, rhythmically pounding in time with the sound of my breathing… heavy at this point, but notView full post »


Tis’ the season for a new vacuum!

Thank you to Mandy from for the button! About a month ago, after another unsuccessful attempt to suckView full post »


O Christmas Tree!

O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree! You are not toddler friendly. O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree! Your colored lights are taunting. HeView full post »


Just file me under “THAT sappy mom”

I audibly gasped when I opened his miniature back pack upon returning home from a day at Mother’s Day Out,View full post »



Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you and yours had a day full of family, friends, and food. This is me demonstrating how thankful I am for devicesView full post »


Nature or nurture?

Kendall’s obsessed with football, and by obsessed I mean he wants to take one of his two footballs everywhere (he has two because IView full post »


If I had a little girl, she’d wear pillowcase dresses.

Hey, guess what! I finally had a little girl and she does wear pillowcase dresses! I updated this tutorial with instructions on how to makeView full post »


My social experiment finally goes live

So remember how I gave up the internet for an ENTIRE WEEK? And remember how I lived to tell about it? Well, I can finally share the rest ofView full post »


The Phantom Baby Kick Phenomenon

Let it be known that after you have a baby (long after the life that grew inside of you and kicked your ass from the inside has left theView full post »


Well, that blew (chunks)

I was SO ready for this race. Being my second marathon, I felt a sense of calm about me. It was like I could relax more, enjoy it moreView full post »


Swaddled Baby Soup was a hit

My domesticity level went up a notch this week after I completed my challenge from Ashley at We had aView full post »


My little caveman

Kendall likes to hit himself… in the face, and sometimes he follows that up by bashing his head against the wall, doors, floor, etc.View full post »


I’ve been challenged

I met Ashley over at over 4 years ago on, of all things, a wedding message board. We became good internet friends, sheView full post »


Even the Miracle Bra can’t help me

A lot of blog posts come to me in the shower. This one was literally inspired by  the view looking down in the shower today. It is a sadView full post »


Will you give up a latte for me?

More specifically, will you give up $5 to help me support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS)? I am 11 days away from the big race, myView full post »


Back to the Future

A couple weeks ago my friend Barb (one of the founders and owners of Metroplex Baby and Kids) called me with a proposition. She was helpingView full post »


I knew this was coming

The Terrorist Terrible Twos are here. Kendall is a full blown toddler who spends his days screaming, whining, screeching, flailing, bitingView full post »


Good friends. Good life.

Many of you know that we are close friends with Amy and Srinu Regeti. They own Regeti’s Photography out of Warrenton, VA andView full post »


“Those Parents” take 2

Thank you to the passenger on the Enterprise bus who smiled warmly at my tantruming toddler and handed him a sticker with a train onView full post »


A little insight on “those parents”

You know, *those* parents? The ones with the kid on the plane that everyone is annoyed by? Yeah… that would be us last Sunday. It wasView full post »


Worst Parents of the Millennium

The story caught my attention first when I saw a random tweet, something along the lines of “A 6 year old flying away in a craftView full post »


Tutu cute Halloween wreath

Today I was in the mood to craft. It’s a mood that strikes a couple times a month, usually when my house is at it’s messiestView full post »


Awesome parents feed their kid funnel cake

Despite my Navy Brat upbringing that took me all over the western part of the country (including way west- Hawaii) by the time I was 12,View full post »


“Mommy Visions” – this is not a funny post

Ugh. Just heard a report on the news that a 2 month old was found dead in Ft. Worth, stuck in a crack between the bed and the wall. WHY doView full post »


Okay, here is an edited down version

I do not know WTF is going on in my original post about Dimples Cupcakes and the CEO calling me diabolical. It’s still up if you wantView full post »


Dimples Cupcakes = not so sweet

My apologies in advance for the horrible formatting and the terrible length of this post. I’ve messed with it, but can’t get itView full post »


I’m running out of excuses

First I told him that I was too tired to even think about it, that I wouldn’t even consider it until Kendall was sleeping through theView full post »


Potty Pool Party!

Potty training is approaching. Maybe not as quickly as I’d like, but it is on the horizon. I’ve got some of the tools ready-View full post »


“Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.”

That quote is displayed boldly on a large wall in our home in giant letters, above pictures that have carved out a special place in ourView full post »