The winner, as chosen by this morning, is commenter 945.

Picture 1

That means that Lindsey from won with this comment:

“A little gross but true: this Dyson would be sucking up dog hair all day so that it doesn’t end up covering my new little baby!”

I sent an email to Lindsey, but still haven’t heard back (not that I’ve been waiting all that long… too excited), so if any of you know her, please let her know. I’m worried it might end up in her spam folder because of the excessive use of exclamation marks and using the word “winner”. Could very well be mistaken for an email from the Australian Lottery.

2 thoughts on “Have a Merry Dyson Christmas and a Happy Vacuuming Year!”

  1. I saw this post after I saw your email…and I am finally calm enough to comment. The email got to me just fine…but you’re right..the subject looked suspiciously similar to the emails I get from those nice gentlemen from Africa who want to write me very large checks and send them to my home 🙂 So glad I didn’t delete!

    Thanks again ~Lindsey

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