So you’re going to be a Boy Mom…

I know that feeling, that excited but scared shitless feeling when the ultrasound tech tells you they see that extra bit of anatomy. “It’s a boy!” Your heart stops for a moment. “But what will I do with a BOY?” you think to yourself, never daring to utter the thought out loud because, well, you […]

“Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”

family christmas

Really, the most obnoxious, sarcastic, mocking song, which always seemed to come on at perfectly timed moments this week, like when I’m screaming four letter words at my husband for nearly sending Kendall (who was still getting over a cold I was convinced would turn into pneumonia) out in the tundra with SOAKING wet hair, […]

“Supermom” confesses

It’s that time of year again when I get a wild hair up my ass and try to spruce up this place I call a blog. You may have noticed the new color scheme and the sa-weet threaded comments feature, but I’m pretty sure you’ve definitely noticed the new JuiceBox Jungle video player to the right. […]

Have a Merry Dyson Christmas and a Happy Vacuuming Year!

Picture 1

The winner, as chosen by this morning, is commenter 945. That means that Lindsey from won with this comment: “A little gross but true: this Dyson would be sucking up dog hair all day so that it doesn’t end up covering my new little baby!” I sent an email to Lindsey, but still […]