So remember how I gave up the internet for an ENTIRE WEEK? And remember how I lived to tell about it? Well, I can finally share the rest of the story with you all. I went on my internet sabbatical as part of a social experiment for DFW’s CBS 11. The story finally aired tonight. You can watch it here. Or just read the story here.

Couple of fun notes for you…

1. I kept meaning to clean my laptop, but never did. So in one of the close up shots of my computer you can see what looks like bits of orange crusted to it… or maybe just chunky dog slobber. Yummy.

2. After I put what looks like my peaceful son to bed for nap he screamed for about 5 minutes. No idea why they didn’t want that on camera.

I also kept a daily journal of sorts. You can read them here:

Internet Deprived Free Day 1

Roughing it 1990’s Style Day 2

Day 3, When I have to learn to use the phone again

Day 4, Oh, so that’s what a phonebook is for

Day 5, How to make friends the old fashioned way

Day 6, Is no internet making me a better parent?

Day 7, I’m out of witty titles

One week later, from the other side of internet detox

This was a really fun little experiment to take part in! I’m happy that Barb and Tina from Metroplex Baby thought of me and hooked me up with the great people at CBS 11. Now it’s their turn! The story of their week without their Blackberries will be on tomorrow night at ten.

Kendall is 18 and a half months old and he was OBSESSED with all the camera and light equipment

If any of you are new readers, let me first just say Welcome! and point you to a couple places. Here you can find a brief history, including some of my favorite posts on here. Here you can subscribe to my feed. Thanks so much for stopping by!

11 thoughts on “My social experiment finally goes live”

  1. Thanks for posting this. I can really relate to so much of what you have written here, and I am newly inspired to reevaluate my priorities as a mom.

  2. Jill, you are so cute on camera! I feel inspired to try this for myself! Oh, and I busted out laughing at you calling your hairdresser. Classic!

  3. Not done reading the journals yet, but I had to say that I totally laughed out loud at the Day 3 phone call mishap. Sounds like something I would totally do, except the person on the other end of the line would probably have called me out on it!

  4. So fun to see you on (internet) TV!!! Great to read about your internet vacation, too. I went back to work, full-time after I had my baby last summer, and I had to make rules for myself about phone calls in the afternoons…that is, when I pick Declan up from school, no phone for me until after he’s in bed (unless my husband calls). So from 4pm-7:30pm, Declan has my full, undivided attention. Its been hard and I missed a lot of phone calls at first, but for the most part my friends and family have been understanding. We also recently had to cut our cable TV and THAT has made a huge difference. Now, I read before bed and I sleep more soundly than ever! I also got rid of my blackberry and while I’m regretting that decision every time I need Google Maps while driving somewhere, I noticed a big change in my tension and stress levels not having email/Twitter/Facebook at my fingertips 24/7. These things felt like such HUGE sacrifices at first, but now, I hardly miss them, and I feel more connected and rested than ever.

    Me, me, me…sorry! That was my long, self-absorbed way of saying that you’ve validated my own experience, and I thank you 🙂

  5. Really interesting.

    I’m curious: Have you thought about cutting out certain things, like Twitter? I imagine that is a huge time-suck, right there. I wonder if cutting back on a ‘thing’ or a medium, might be a way to naturally limit time.

    Glad to hear that life is less stresfull!

  6. Thanks y’all!

    Yeah, that Day 3 journal really is a must read. If you read no other entries, you can’t miss that one. : D

    Julie, thanks for sharing! Really, it’s very interesting to hear your take on it, too. Before the week started I thought I would be so anxious and tense the whole week, wanting to get back online and see what I was missing, but it was quite the opposite for me, and it sounds like it has been the same for you, as far as disconnecting a little bit.

    Lisa, you make a great point, and one I meant to address but forgot. I haven’t given up Twitter, but to me I don’t feel like it’s that huge of a time-suck. The thing with Twitter is it’s easy to pop on and off, maybe reply to a couple people, and be on your way. Now, message boards, on the other hand, are where I get sucked in. I get in heated, often ridiculous, debates, get caught up in threads, and I can spend hours on them before I even know it. So I’ve actually cut WAY back on a couple that I used to frequent a lot. I’ve found that has helped tremendously.

  7. Thanks for posting this! Reading your experience has made me really take a look at all the time I am spending (mostly wasting) on the interwebz.
    I too, get caught up in the message boards and trying to keep on top of all the drama. In the end though this stuff doesn’t really matter that much in life. I am going to cut back for real.

  8. We did a no-TV week last year and I was amazed at all we accomplished that week. I don’t know if I could do the internet though. How sad is that.

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  • Lately Wallace has been jumping right in to everything we’re doing. He wants to watch movies with us, play ball, wrestle, eat Takis 🤣 and everything else. I forgot how much I love this stage. I think maybe it gets more fun the more kids you have. You really can not tell him he’s not a big kid. He’s not having any of that nonsense. (And yeah, he loves him some spicy Takis.) (This is totally one of those pics that looks like they swapped legs!)
  • Naps are awesome though... right? 😴
  • 🤣🤣🤣 I have quite a collection of pix of Scott doing the drop-the-baby-and-run move. #momtographer
  • It's an art form, really.