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I met Ashley over at Delish-Blog.com over 4 years ago on, of all things, a wedding message board. We became good internet friends, she answered tons of questions for me about DIY wedding projects (she pulled of a gorgeous wedding of her own the year before I got hitched) and she was even AT my wedding as an assistant to my coordinator. We’ve stayed in touch over the years and I recently met up with her and another wedding board friend for brunch in Grapevine. We chatted a little about babies, a little about husbands, a little about weddings, a little about blogs.

The idea came up to do a blog collaboration of sorts, and I loved it. See, Delish blog is about cooking, something I feel very intimidated by, but Ashley assures me that it is so easy to incorporate good, healthy, easy meals into my routine, especially if I plan ahead and freeze some. It’s the planning that always gets me, but I’m hoping this little project will force me to think ahead.

Photo property of Delish-Blog.com

Photo property of Delish-Blog.com

This week she’s challenged me to make some Wonton Soup with Baby Bok Choy. I’m not going to lie, I’m a little scared. 1. I think my wontons are going to look like crumpled gum wrappers. 2. I have never seen bok choy in the grocery stores around here (although, admittedly, I’ve never looked). 3. I cringe at any recipe with more than 5 ingredients. I’m not going to let my hesitations stop me, though. I’m going to make my grocery list, head to the store, and try these bad boys out sometime this week. I’ll be blogging about it on Friday.

Now, I hope I’m not alone on this endeavor so I’m challenging you, too. I would love if some of you try it out and let me know how you liked it. You can blog about it and link here if you’d like, or just comment on Friday. Make sure to check the recipe out here, and feel free to comment on Ashley’s blog with any questions. Good luck!

Kendall is 18 months old and I’m determined to become slightly more domestic in the kitchen. We’re all pretty sick of chicken nuggets.

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  1. Do you have a Central Market near you? The one in Southlake usually has baby bok choy so maybe the one in Plano or Dallas does too.

    I love the recipes on Delish! Ashley makes them easy to follow and they pretty much always turn out amazingly yummy. I’d participate in the challenge this week, but I just made something with bok choy today so I’m out. 🙂 But the recipe looks delightful!

  2. what a great idea. i think i may try it too! i am not sure how well i will do with making wontons, but at least it should be entertaining.

  3. I made this soup last night along with some tasty shrimp fried rice. The wontons were a pain but I can see sitting down some Sunday and making a batch or two to freeze b/c they were tasty – and my 16mo loved them too! My only issue was that I got impatient after adding the bok choy (BTW I used regular and not baby) and turned the heat up a bit. Too much heat = too vigorous of a boil = some “popped” wontons.

    The broth needed a little something – I added a bit of soy and thought about a drop or two of sesame oil but stopped at the soy. I’ll make the wontons again and play around with the broth a bit to add some flavor.

    LOVE THIS CHALLENGE BUSINESS – keep ’em coming.

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