Just file me under “THAT sappy mom”


I audibly gasped when I opened his miniature back pack upon returning home from a day at Mother’s Day Out, “Awww! Look at how cute that is!” A smile spread across my face from ear to ear. I held it up and turned it around, took in all it’s crafty glory. The poem on the […]



Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you and yours had a day full of family, friends, and food. This is me demonstrating how thankful I am for devices that keep my screaming child contained while I attempt to run a 5k in the cold with over 30,000 other people. Thankful for daddy transportation. It’s efficient and much better […]

Nature or nurture?

Kendall’s obsessed with football, and by obsessed I mean he wants to take one of his two footballs everywhere (he has two because I forgot his only one at home when we travelled to San Antonio, and I begged my mom to get him another before we got there so he would stop screaming “BALL!!” […]

If I had a little girl, she’d wear pillowcase dresses.


Hey, guess what! I finally had a little girl and she does wear pillowcase dresses! I updated this tutorial with instructions on how to make this dress with bias tape for the armholes and a couple other cute embellishments. You can read that here. If you want the version that doesn’t require bias tape, then […]