Thank you to the passenger on the Enterprise bus who smiled warmly at my tantruming toddler and handed him a sticker with a train on it.

Thank you to the Enterprise bus driver who was so kind and helpful with our bags and stroller and who, after we began to profusely apologize for forgetting to replenish the cash in our wallets for tipping, stopped us mid apology and insisted that we not worry about it, then pointed out the free SmarteCarte next to the curb to use in the airport.

Thank you to all the people in the security line who gave us knowing “we’ve so been there” looks and who were so incredibly patient as we loaded our 10 million plastic bins onto the security belt.

Thank you to the girls behind us in line who played peek a boo with my flirting son long enough for me to get both of our shoes off.

Thank you to the man at the table next to us in Chipotle who acknowledged how good Kendall was being at dinner. And, when Kendall began screeching moments later just to prove this man wrong, he simply smiled and said he “understood”.

Thank you to the wonderfully kind and helpful American Airlines gate agent who not only hooked us up with an extra seat, but also took our carseat, which we had intended to gate check, and installed it in a window seat for us before we even boarded.

Thank you to the man seated in the row in front of us who greeted us with a smile and turned to talk to Kendall. He was so understanding, even when Kendall, desperate to fight off sleep, slammed his feet into the back of his chair and screamed minutes before finally drifting off.

Our flight earlier this week was pretty nightmarish, but the flight home was so much better. Partly, I think it was because of the timing. We were scheduled to fly out at 7 p.m. but were delayed and didn’t leave until 8:30, well past Kendall’s bedtime.  It wasn’t a full flight, allowing us the luxury of an extra seat for Kendall, which also made a big difference. But, I really think one of the best things about our flight home, from beginning to end, was the people we encountered. It was such a 180 from our flight at the beginning of the week.

Granted, we are still hoping they locate one of our bags, which seems to have been the victim of mistaken identity at baggage claim before we could get there, and the stroller we gate checked at Dulles didn’t make it on the plane, but luggage was the least of my worries. Kendall slept 90% of the flight and the whole experience was about 90% less stressful.

Kendall is quickly approaching 18 months old

6 thoughts on ““Those Parents” take 2”

  1. We’re so glad this trip went better for you! I’m just proud of you for actually taking the risk and going on the trip. Many times I pass up something fun for fear that Micah may be less than accommodating. Good for you!

  2. I know EXACTLY what you are talking about. We just took a long trip to England and on the flight over, the lady behind me kept her light on, put her night mask on and then huffed and puffed all night because my daughter was crying. Hellooooo… Finally, I stopped a flight attendant, asked her to reach under that woman, grab her controls and turn off the d*mn light! The passenger just raised her mask and looked at me and I gave her my most beguiling smile and slung around.

    My parents just took my daughter home and were thrilled to let me know that she didn’t have even one melt down (amazing). I couldn’t help but smiling… She just turned 18 months.

  3. That is great Allison! I swear, sometimes I think he only behaves this way around me. Next time I need to send him on a trip with my mom. I bet he’s be a little angel then.

  4. My family is traveling to Vegas next week for my brother’s much anticipated (and long overdue) wedding. I was wondering how you managed to get the extra seat. Did you ask at check in or at the gate? Or was it just offered? Our flight to Vegas has a connection in Atlanta that doesn’t leave until after 8 PM. My DD bedtime is 7:30 so I was really hoping I could sweet talk someone with the airline into giving me an extra seat, if there are any available… Here’s hoping Vegas isn’t a popular Tuesday evening flight!

  5. Rebekah, we just asked as soon as we got to the gate. The flight wasn’t very full at all and the gate agent was more than happy to accommodate us. We were just prepared to gate check our carseat if they didn’t have an extra seat. GL with the trip!

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  • Lately Wallace has been jumping right in to everything we’re doing. He wants to watch movies with us, play ball, wrestle, eat Takis 🤣 and everything else. I forgot how much I love this stage. I think maybe it gets more fun the more kids you have. You really can not tell him he’s not a big kid. He’s not having any of that nonsense. (And yeah, he loves him some spicy Takis.) (This is totally one of those pics that looks like they swapped legs!)