I knew this was coming

The Terrorist Terrible Twos are here. Kendall is a full blown toddler who spends his days screaming, whining, screeching, flailing, biting and hitting (the biting and hitting have only been inflicted on me, so far). I’d seen shades of this before we left for DC last week, but it matured and bloomed, transforming my sweet […]

Good friends. Good life.


Many of you know that we are close friends with Amy and Srinu Regeti. They own Regeti’s Photography out of Warrenton, VA and photograph people all over the Greater Washington D.C. area. We were so thrilled to hang out with them this week since we haven’t been able to chat much since we moved away […]

“Those Parents” take 2

Thank you to the passenger on the Enterprise bus who smiled warmly at my tantruming toddler and handed him a sticker with a train on it. Thank you to the Enterprise bus driver who was so kind and helpful with our bags and stroller and who, after we began to profusely apologize for forgetting to […]

A little insight on “those parents”

You know, *those* parents? The ones with the kid on the plane that everyone is annoyed by? Yeah… that would be us last Sunday. It was absolutely us. Scott has some business to take care of this week back in our old stomping grounds, so we took off on a 2.5 hour flight to DC […]