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I knew this was coming

The Terrorist Terrible Twos are here. Kendall is a full blown toddler who spends his days screaming, whining, screeching, flailing,View full post »


Good friends. Good life.

Many of you know that we are close friends with Amy and Srinu Regeti. They own Regeti’s Photography out of Warrenton, VA andView full post »


“Those Parents” take 2

Thank you to the passenger on the Enterprise bus who smiled warmly at my tantruming toddler and handed him a sticker with a train onView full post »


A little insight on “those parents”

You know, *those* parents? The ones with the kid on the plane that everyone is annoyed by? Yeah… that would be us last Sunday. It wasView full post »


Worst Parents of the Millennium

The story caught my attention first when I saw a random tweet, something along the lines of “A 6 year old flying away in a craftView full post »


Tutu cute Halloween wreath

Today I was in the mood to craft. It’s a mood that strikes a couple times a month, usually when my house is at it’s messiestView full post »


Awesome parents feed their kid funnel cake

Despite my Navy Brat upbringing that took me all over the western part of the country (including way west- Hawaii) by the time I was 12,View full post »


“Mommy Visions” – this is not a funny post

Ugh. Just heard a report on the news that a 2 month old was found dead in Ft. Worth, stuck in a crack between the bed and the wall. WHY doView full post »


Okay, here is an edited down version

I do not know WTF is going on in my original post about Dimples Cupcakes and the CEO calling me diabolical. It’s still up if you wantView full post »