First I told him that I was too tired to even think about it, that I wouldn’t even consider it until Kendall was sleeping through the night. Then he did.

Then I said I wanted my breasts back to myself for a little bit. I didn’t want to share them with any babies, and I didn’t want them blowing up again for a while. They’ve been all mine for over three months.

Then I said that I wanted to train for and run another marathon first. The race is November 15th.

I also told Scott that I absolutely could not consider getting pregnant again with the closest Chick-fil-A being so far away. “You know I NEED Chick-fil-A to grow a baby!” I just drove past an almost finished building less than 5 miles from our house with a “Coming Soon” sign posted next to Chick-fil-A sign.


Kendall is 3 days shy of 17 months old.

15 thoughts on “I’m running out of excuses”

  1. Welcome to MY world! My latest excuse…when Em can wipe her own ass, we can talk about it…DH went out and bought a potty for her 1st birthday. seriously.

  2. Ok.. Not going to lie. I am just so stinkin excited to hear your perspective on the second go- round before I go there. I’m selfish like that. Here’s hoping you go first!

  3. Well, looks like all systems are a go, chica. 🙂

    I’m pregnant right now, and DH and I had a convo the other night about how soon we would want another one. His response? “I really don’t think I’d even want to wait a year.” I punched him.

  4. A woman’s body only starts to rebound by 18 months, so you should wait a minimum of 18 months for ‘optimum’ 2nd baby health. And that really isn’t a joke, it’s been proven!

  5. lol. my daughter is 14 months and my husband keeps asking me if I’m ready to have the next one. my exact words to him were, “I’d like to have my body to myself for a little while thank you.”

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