Communication ROCKS!

I know I don’t do this a lot. I don’t really brag about my kid’s super awesome accomplishments much on here. I don’t really come on here and just tell you how much I am in awe of how much he is learning and how crazy cool it is. But, people, this is something I am just so proud of. And, considering this is like his interwebz baby book that is supposed to take the place of the real one that sits 90% blank in my office collecting dust, I had to come here and blog about it.

Okay, so Kendall started catching on to the baby signs thing around 13 months old, even though I had been signing with him since he was 6 months. Honestly, I had given up hope around 10 months and sort of slacked off for a while. Now, though, now it’s this glorious means of communication! It’s so crazy. He will actually sign full sentences sometimes, like “milk, more, please” (“please” still being one of his very favorite signs that he signs with passion and vigor). Oh! And I finally taught him “thank you”! Manners are ridiculously adorable and will get him almost anything he wants…for now.

But that’s not even the thing I came to brag about. Sometimes when I’m changing Kendall’s diaper I will recite Brown Bear, Brown Bear because I know that damn book by heart and it takes just long enough to keep him still while I remove, wipe and replace the diaper (other times I will sing the “be still or I will accidentally get shit on your face” song adapted from the bubbles and clowns songs). So tonight I’m getting him in his jammies and diaper for bedtime and he starts signing what looks like maybe “please”, and I’m confused. “Please what?” I ask. Then he’s confused and he signs it again, but this time I realize he’s signing “bear”, which in our baby signing world looks a little like “please”. Then he signs “more, bear, more, PLEASE”.

“You little Einstien! You want me to say Brown Bear, Brown Bear?!”

He smiles big, nods and signs “please” again.

^^^GENIUS. My spawn is a genius.

Kendall is 15 months, 1 week and 4 days old

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  1. i love when they pick it up! My 7 yr old still occasionally signs for water when she’s too hot or flustered to think of the words and she doesnt even realize she’s doing it, LOL

  2. I loved when my son started signing back to me. I only focus on about 5-6 signs and he eventually got them all. It took me a while to figure out that he was actually doing it too! His favorite was “more milk”.

  3. Isn’t it great when they start “talking”? Big Sister has a few words in her vocabulary and please is absolutely my favorite. She looks up at us with big eyes and then comes the “leash” it totally melts my heart and yes she can have whatever she wants after that

  4. that’s awesome! the only sign mine picked up was Done, and he signs it with gusto. luckily he talks amazingly well or I’d be going nuts trying to figure out what he’s done with 😛

  5. Did you make up your own signs or did you get them from a book? If so, what book? I’ve been thinking about starting to teach my 9-month old signs, but now quite sure how to start.

  6. Fun, and brilliant! And lol @”accidentally get shit on your face”. That’s gold.

    I have a friend whose little one has a sign for “boobie.” They like to pull that one out at parties.

  7. I think if (hopefully when) my son does that I will cry.

    I’ve been signing a few signs to him since he was 3 months knowing he won’t catch on for awhile. ONE TIME he copied me and signed “eat” and “mommy.” I know he had no clue what he said, but it was so exciting. I can only imagine what you must have felt!

  8. Thank you, thank you all 🙂

    We took a Baby Signs class when he was six months old, but I don’t think that’s necessary at all. There are tons of books and DVDs out there that break it down for you. You can even look up demonstrations on YouTube.

    Baby Signs is adapted from ASL, but then some of our signs are adapted from that, based on how Kendall picked them up. It’s not about him being able to communicate with the deaf, but just about use being able to communicate with each other. So, yes, some of his signs look a little made up, but he and I (and Scott to an extent) know what they mean.

    And those with older kids who are afraid they missed the boat, give it a shot! Kendall is picking them up left and right now, even signs that I never did when he was younger.

  9. How totally cute and adorable and yes, he is clearly brilliant!

    It is just so awesome when they communicate. More exciting than walking, I think.

  10. Oh that is just too precious!! Jasper has been signing the five or so signs I do with him and I just LOVE being able to communicate with him too!

    To me the cutest is when I say “diaper” and he puts his hands in the air and does our modified sign for diaper which sort of looks like someone who can’t snap trying to snap.

    “All done” is a useful one too, I don’t know please, I’ll have to look that one up!!

  11. My son is 26 months and unfortunately doesn’t speak at the level they say he should be so sign language is a God send to us. There are video’s called Signing Times that are FABULOUS and I would recommend them to anyone.

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