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This will be a quick and dirty post about feeding a toddler. Specifically, feeding a toddler who’s going to some sort of daycare/Mother’s Day Out thingamajig in which you are required to provide healthy nourishment that doesn’t need to be heated and will not make the providers think you are a lazy mom. Here are […]

Giving in to growing up


There came a point where I had to just give up on the ringlets that I kept waiting to sprout all over the top of his head, where I had to give up hope that the mullet he was sporting was going to magically transform into a soft halo of curls. I had to admit […]


Scott is working from home two days a week now, and I am blown away by his work ethic. He’s really *working*, like, the whole 8 hours. I keep telling him nobody would know if he took an extra long lunch break or a few extra coffee breaks, but he’s all honest and shit… for […]

I give you our new glass canvas!


Yes, I may be asking for it, encouraging my child to draw on windows with markers. Yes, I understand that at this age there’s no difference between windows and walls to him. Yes, it’s possible that very shortly I will be bemoaning his newly found Picasso skills after he decorates the oven. I just couldn’t […]