Memos From Mommy, Sponsored by Sunshine Diapers

This week’s Memos are coming at you thanks to Rhea over at Sunshine Diapers. That name may ring a bell if you have been following my cloth diapering experiences.  This is the company that does the awesome Newborn Kissaluv Rental Package that worked so well for us.  They were also the Featured Sponsor of my first ever Cloth Diaper giveaway.  Rhea has been super helpful over the last year, always very quick to return an email or phone call when I had questions.  

They sell more than just cloth diaper stuff, as well, including Charlie’s Soap, which is a great detergent that you can use on all your laundry (although it happens to be excellent for cloth diapers, too).  We’ve been using this as our main detergent for nearly a year now and have loved it.  It’s also really cost effective, especially when you buy 4 bags and get free shipping. We bought 4 bags about 9 months back and I don’t think we will need to buy more until close to the end of the year.  That says a lot considering the massive quantities of laundry we are doing around here.

The winner of this weeks MFM will win a Sunshine Diapers Green Pack, including lots of “green” goodies, like a canvas bag, a reusable Iplay water bottle, a Charlie’s Soap and Charlie’s Soap To Go sample, a Baby Bits sample and some reusable wipes (which have many purposes, even if you don’t cloth diaper), a keychain and a free shipping coupon.

Just post your own Memo in the comments section below.  Memo to your child, twinkle in your eye, lol cat, whatever.  Winner will be drawn by Random.Org next Monday.  Have fun!

Dear Kendall,

You are not yet two. You are, in fact, nowhere near turning two. You are merely one and some very small change. So this whole crying for no apparent reason, throwing yourself on the floor, turning to jelly anytime we try to remove you from a dangerous situation that all just smacks of the Terrible TWOS can stop. Right. Now.  Oh, and those 2 year old molars? They better wait a good 10 months, too. I am so over teething and looking forward to a break now that you’ve got a full set of chompers. Seriously, overachievement isn’t always a good thing.


Kendall is 3 days shy of 14 months and a VERY long way from TWO

***This week’s MFM is now closed. The winner, drawn randomly by, was commenter #21, Jill. Congrats Jill! Awesome name ; )****