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This week’s Memos From Mommy is brought to you by CupKozy, a company that I am thrilled to collaborate with.  For those not familiar, CupKozys are an awesome, reusable and convenient alternative to those cardboard sleeves coffee companies put around your cup to keep your coffee warm and your hand cool.  According to CupKozy, “It’s estimated that 14 billion cups of coffee are served every year wrapped in single-use, cardboard coffee sleeves, which result in 2.8 billion pounds of trash!” And, “Based on 2008 sales reports, CupKozy helped to keep 19,000 pounds of trash out of U.S. landfills.”

I happened to win a CupKozy from a Twitter contest (whadaya know…talking about Twitter again, follow them @CupKozy) and now I’m a huge fan. Back at Christmas, I crocheted a bunch of my own reusable coffee sleeves, and while they are adorable, they are terribly hard to keep track of.  The cool thing about the CupKozy is it rolls up neatly and attaches to my key chain.  MUCH easier to find with one hand while the other is holding a 26 lb squirmy toddler who wants nothing more than to wiggle free and pester the other patrons.

Here are some other cool facts about CupKozy  

       CupKozys are handmade. No factories, sweatshops or slave labor.

       The fabric used in making CupKozys is wool, a renewable resource.

       Fits most 12, 16 & 20 oz. disposable coffee cups.

       CupKozys are compact and can be rolled-up for attaching to your key-ring, bag, belt loop, etc.

       Available in a variety of stylish color combinations.

       Can be custom printed for corporate branding opportunities.

CupKozy is offering not one, not two, but THREE CupKozys to Memos From Mommy participants, so you people better get it together and ENTER! Seriously.  This is a cool prize. I go nowhere without mine (and I’ll definitely have it with me when I go check out the new changing tables coming soon to my local Starbucks!!). I will draw the random winners next Monday, so entries will be open all week.

For those of you new to MFM, you can enter by submitting your own “memo” to your child/children/fetus/dog/pet rock in the comments section.  All winners are chosen at random by

Here’s my memo:

Dear Kendall,

I feel it’s important you know that your name is actually Kendall, not Robble. I apologize for the confusion.  It’s an odd nickname, I know.  It seems that in your early days you made what we call “Hamburgler noises”.  The “robble, robble, robble” sounds that you chattered early on have made a lasting impression.  So much so, that you father and I have a hard time going a day with out calling you Robble.  It was wonderfully cute and our own little inside joke when you were younger, but now I’m terrified you are actually thinking this is your name.  You respond to it sometimes better than your own.  And just yesterday I heard your dad call you Rob.  Your nickname has a nickname that sounds like a real name and it’s not your name.  Please note this.


Kendall is just about 13 months old 

*****Entries are closed now and winners are comments 5,6 and 8 (Austingurl, Callie and Stephanie).  Thanks for participating!****


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  1. dear emma,

    i’m sorry i made you sit in the brand new, awesome baby pool i bought you. it just looks SO fun (and was 40 bucks, man!). i thought that maybe you would realize your love for the baby pool if you just sat there for a few minutes. obviously i was mistaken as you screamed bloody murder. my bad. i won’t make you sit in it again….well, until next week.


  2. Dear Zach,

    I know that you’re teething and your little gums must be in some serious pain, but I do NOT understand why you only scream bloody murder about this at 2am. Is there some reason your peak teething hours can’t be in the middle of the day? Mommy and Daddy desperately need to have an uninterrupted night’s sleep. It’s sad that we plan on waking every 4 hours when we anticipate the tylenol will have worn off. Please work on this.

    Sweet dreams love bug!

  3. Dear Joseph,

    While I realize that crawling may not be the most efficient mode of transportation ever invented, I wish you would stick with it for a while. You are making Mommy and Daddy crazy with your attempts to stand. Six and a half months is too early for that – the doctor told me so. Please just stick with the crawling until you have it mastered. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

    Love, Mommy

  4. I just saw the pet/fetus addendum! I can do that! (Well, I don’t have a fetus just yet, but I do have the pet.)

    Dear Maggie (the dog),

    While I realize that you take great delight in the fact that I get down on the floor with you when I have to clean the nasty yellow spots out of my once-perfect carpet, I wish you would make the connection that peeing on my carpets/beds/laundry pisses me off and does not make me want to play with you at all. Can you please just realize that I only have a few years left to have a “grown-up” house before children arrive and destroy it, and having big yellow spots on the carpet does not enhance the decor? Just so you know, that “big farm” they talk about sending the other bad dogs to? It’s not really a farm. Just think about that.

    Love, “Mommy”

  5. Dear Caroline,

    Look, I get it that you’re sick. We were up all night in the ER together. I was right there, bawling right along with you, when they stuck you in that horrific Hannibal Lecter contraption for your chest xray. (like this one It was a horrible night for all of us. But. Is it really necessary to scream every second of the day that I’m not holding you, sitting within 2 feet of you, or even just looking in your general direction? Your fever, has indeed, broken. I know because I’ve checked several times. Rectally. By myself. Mama needs a minute. I just need to go find where I left my Dr Pepper and take a freakin’ sip! Lord knows I need the caffine. A nap would be nice, too. Preferably a nap that does not take place ON me. TIA.



  6. Dear Nate,

    I appreciate the generous way that you removed your graham cracker from your mouth and offered it to me to eat, but I have to say “Thanks but no thanks” to that. It’s really sweet that you love me enough to share your half-chewed graham cracker with me. But don’t worry about me. I know where to get a graham cracker if I want one.

    Love you,


  7. Dear W’s new tooth,

    Please just come in already. You’ve poked through a little bit, but it would really be great if you would come in all the way. I’m over this teething crap already (which is unfortunate, as you are his first tooth). If you could take care of that (NOW!), I would appreciate it.


    W’s mom

  8. Dear Charlotte,

    I know your official due date is 10 days from now, but I want you to know that it’s okay if you decide to make an early entrance. I promise I won’t mind. I know you’re happy in my belly, wriggling and squirming all night long, but the real world is really great. Plus, you can enjoy 98.6 degrees of Sacramento weather all summer long with lots more room than my over-stretched Hotel Uterus can provide. I’ve got treats waiting!


  9. Dear Caroline,

    I know sometimes we have differences in opinion from time to time from what you should eat to when you should nap. I just want to let you know in spite of all of that you are truly the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love you so much sweet girl!


  10. Dear Sesame Seed,

    I know you’re incredibly tiny right now but apparently your little invasion already feels like a football in my uterus. Seriously, could you wait until I have a little bump so that I don’t feel crazy?

    Love, Mum to be

  11. Dear Ian,

    Perhaps you’re disappointed that you haven’t cut a tooth yet. Perhaps you were still a bit hungry after dinner. Maybe you were just excited that you’re eating shredded cheese like a champ. However – none of these are an acceptable reason to bite your mother on the arm. Your little gums hurt.


  12. shawnna householder on

    Dear Brady,

    I understand that sleeping on your belly is more comfortable. I’m a belly sleeper myself. However- this position should be reserved for when you can roll yourself back over.


  13. Dear Anthony,

    When I am trying to change your diaper, particularly post bowel movement, it would be especially helpful if you would stop trying to crawl away. Poop ANYWHERE besides in the diaper or potty is not exactly desirable, and when you try to crawl away it tends to get on just about everything in a 5 foot radius. I realize that may be amusing to you, but not so much for me.

    Love, Mommy

  14. Dear Lentil Bean,

    I know you are getting all cozy and making mom’s hormones go wacky but I really enjoy brushing my teeth without vomiting and would like to resume that particular activity.

    Your mama

  15. dear thomas,
    i know you love me so there is no need to wake up every hour, on the hour, to tell me at night. we can share all our “i love you” between the hours of 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.
    thank you.
    love you,

  16. Dear Twitch, (Foster Kitten)
    I understand that you have had a frightening and difficult beginning losing your mom and ending up blind and deaf in the middle of the street. However, you are now at least six weeks old and your reluctancy to do anything but run at me screaming until I finally break down a give you your bottle in unnerving. Everyone tells me you should be weaning now, but you will not touch the kitten food and look at me like I am insane to think you would eat it. I understand that I am the first thing you ever saw however you must understand I have no intention of feeding you human food for the rest of your life nor do I want to be known as the crazy cat lady with a 4 year old cat that drinks from a bottle. If you could please observe your fur siblings and note their feeding activity that would be excellent. Thank you in your advance for your compliance little prince!

    Your foster mommy

  17. Dear O’malley (the alley cat),

    The past four months have been great and all, but word from the other 2 people that live with us if that you have been stealing loofahs from their bathroom and meowing at the coffee table until someone plays laser with you. Not to mention the fact that you recently decided that your litter box is incompetent and that my carpet can hold your excrement much more efficiently. This is not true. Please discontinue all of the above behaviors at once.



  18. Dear Goldie (the neighbor’s cow),
    Thanks so much for being a part of my first cow herding experience. It was certainly a surprise to see you in our yard last Sunday and provided lifelong memories as we tried to “walk” you back into your fenced in “home”. While I understand you might have been scared, this having been our first meeting and all, I certainly did not expect you to run and CHARGE me like a flippin’ BULL. You are a cow…you are supposed to be laid back without a care. So yes, you won, you scared the livin’ crap out of me and then made me lmao at the fact a cow just scared me. So next time you decide to break free from your fenced-in grassy paradise, please go to another neighbor’s yard or at the very least, let’s pretend you are actually a cow and we’re not running with the bulls in Spain.
    Your human neighbor,
    ps. This is not a joke, it actually DID happen last Sunday.

  19. Dear Munchkin,

    In reference to last weeks memo, I would like to point out the 6 brand new, currently green strawberry plants I planted for you this week. As such, I respectfully request you don’t stomp said plants in your attempt to “help”. I love the time we spend together gardening, but I’m sure the strawberries would prefer to be in 3D.


    P.S. Also, please let Mommy pick the berries for you – half rotten strawberries are not-so-good for you, mmkay?

  20. Dear Adelynn,

    I love you dearly, but if you do not stop waking up every hour all night long I may lose my mind. I love snuggling with you too, but 1, 2, 3, 4 a.m would not be my first choice of times. Oh, and if you could sleep in a little later than 5 a.m., that would also be greatly appreciated. I’m sure my students would also appreciate it as my constant sleep deprivation is turning me into a raging sack of nerves at work.

    Your exhausted mommy

  21. Dear Adelynn,

    I realize that you hate taking a bath with the fiery passion of a thousand burning suns. That said, you refusing to sit down in the bathtub, thus forcing daddy to hold you standing up while you wail your lungs out and I try to scrub you down, will not make things go any faster. Also, if you spent less time spitting up in your hair, we probably wouldn’t have to endure this horrible process as often.


  22. Dear Mochie (dog)

    We realize you are a puppy and you are sometimes being raised by monkeys (the kids) but please please please realize that when Mom (me) comes out of the room 1st thing in the mornin in her shirt & undies it is NOT ok to lick the bum!!

    Nor is it ok to lick the kids bum as they try and undress for a bath or potty break. What kind of dog are you!?!


  23. Dear Milo,

    I will remember these 5am wake up calls when you are a teenager and want to sleep all day. I promise.

    Your tired Momma

  24. Dear Lizzie,

    Thank you so much for being such a good eater. It is such a relief that you like everything I have made for you (so far). Please note that it is really not necessary for you to cry/fuss between every single bite. I promise I will continue to feed you bites until the bowl is empty or until you decide you are done.

    Love you,

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