Sorry to leave you folks hanging. I had a hot date with Satan this morning and had to run 7 miles in 250 degree weather with 1000% humidity.  Now that I’m coming close to rehydration (thank you Sangria and a cup or two of water) and I got a good afternoon nap in (THANK YOU, lovely son of mine, for working with me on that), I’ve come to tell you all about the boxy, personal size goodness that is the wine juice box because, really, I see myself as a messenger of all things good and intoxicating.


Mmmmm… Peeknot GreeGeeOh (just watched Bride Wars, funny, funny)

How perfect were these instead of beers that totally make me all bloaty and burpy when floating down the river? Umh, so perfect. Perfection.  I actually enjoyed a few White Sangria ones, and they stayed nice and cool in my beer koozie. I am so Klassy. I am, I know.  I have a few on standby in the refrigerator, totally taking them to July 4th fireworks.

And, not that I’m a huge wine snob, because really I’m not. I’m a fan of 2 buck (which is really more like 3 buck and some change now) Chuck, and don’t care if bottles have plastic corks or twist off caps, it all does the same job, but I didn’t have big expectations from a wine that comes in a personal size box. It’s GOOD, though!  Maybe not like pour it in a fancy Riedel glass, swirl, sniff, sip, spit, cleanse the pallet good, but it’s totally good enough to drink with some summer BBQ, or just, you know, by itself whenever the mood strikes, like after a long day of nap strikes and meltdowns in Target.

Speaking of Target, my love/hate relationship now sways way more toward love since, you guessed it, that’s where I got these beauties. They come in a four pack and are part of the Wine Cube brand.  To my knowledge, they are only available at Target. I think they are a little less than $8 for 4 little juice boxes.  And, let me just be clear that Target did not send me the wine to review. I sought these out all on my own and am spreading the good word. Not that I wouldn’t be interested in a working relationship where Target sends me free wine to try!  Gah… would that not be the pinnacle of mommy blogging?

Kendall is nearly 14 months old and better keep his hands off my juice boxes

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14 thoughts on “Behold! The wine juice box!”

  1. Oooh, will totally have to try that next time I float the river. How do you drink it, does it come with a straw?

  2. My friend and I went searching for them yesterday after reading your last post and found them at HEB. Not that you should really be drinking wine on the river, but what took so long for someone to think of this?!?!?!?

  3. Those look awesome!

    I, too, am a fan of formerlytwobuckChuck especially with some pasta for dinner. My husband doesn’t really drink wine and polishing off a bottle by myself is not an option at this point (I’m still nursing twice a day.) Actually, I can’t ever remember polishing off a bottle myself when drinking alone.

    So to have some with dinner, I end up dumping quite a bit, even with a stopper/pumper thing. To have a glass’ worth without wasting a bottle? Priceless.

  4. I am soo loving this but so jealous because here in MD alcohol is only allowed to be sold in liquor stores. I must search to find out where I can get these. Such a fabulous idea!

  5. Ah yes, the winecube! I took it a step further last weekend and purchased the matching neoprene winecube tote at Targ’e too! Added some frozen (mixed smoothie fruit) to the red wine sangria…double yum! Ditto on taking these puppies to the 4th festivities! Maybe I’ll get a wacky light up straw for the sake of fun! LOL

  6. I am so going to Target and buying a 4 pack of these and I want them waiting for me in the fridge when I return home from the hospital.

  7. Thank you for bringing these into my life. 🙂 My husband does not like wine and I can’t finish a bottle on my own. This will be perfect.

  8. there is also another brand that has both 1L boxes and 1/4L personal boxes of both red and white… great for parks that don’t allow glass, plus they are waaay lighter to carry in/out! Target doesn’t sell wine here (stupid blue laws) so come september I’ll be checking again at my local wine shop (boy they must have missed me these last 7 months!)

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