My take on Mommy Wars

It’s sad that there is even a term popularly used for such bullshit. Working mom vs. stay at home mom, breastfeeding vs. formula feeding, home schooling vs. public schooling vs. private schooling vs. unschooling, cloth diapers vs. disposables, med free birth vs. epidural vs. c-section, I could go on and on. As has been said […]

Memos From Mommy, Sponsored by Sunshine Diapers


This week’s Memos are coming at you thanks to Rhea over at Sunshine Diapers. That name may ring a bell if you have been following my cloth diapering experiences.  This is the company that does the awesome Newborn Kissaluv Rental Package that worked so well for us.  They were also the Featured Sponsor of my […]

Behold! The wine juice box!


Sorry to leave you folks hanging. I had a hot date with Satan this morning and had to run 7 miles in 250 degree weather with 1000% humidity.  Now that I’m coming close to rehydration (thank you Sangria and a cup or two of water) and I got a good afternoon nap in (THANK YOU, […]

Tiny Paparazzi – I haz one.

Modesty? What’s modesty? I lost that the minute I striped naked in front of a room full of people and began writhing around in a bathtub, moaning in pain and then screaming from the torture of back labor in bed.  I’m pretty sure I pushed it right out of me, along with Kendall and whatever […]