Memos From Mommy 5.25.09

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And I’m changing up the way MFM works a little.  You can enter your own Memo From Mommy all week and the winner(s) will be drawn next Monday before the new MFM is posted.  This week we’ll have two winners, drawn at random.

 Good luck and have fun with it!

Dear Kendall,

Despite your newest discoveries of the word “snack”, or “nack” as you like to say, and the joys that hide behind the pantry and refrigerator door, I regret to inform you that snack time is not a never ending thing.  Just because you can fling yourself at the refrigerator while shouting “dat! DAT! nack! NAAAck!” over and over, doesn’t mean you will be fed at your every whim. I would also appreciate a little consideration when I open the refrigerator.  No need to shove your way past me and reach for every condiment in sight.  You are not starving. You are very well fed.  No, you may not drink mustard.


Kendall is 1 year, 3 weeks and 2 days old 

***Congrats to Kitty and Tara!!  Entries are now closed, but come back next Monday for another chance to enter.***  

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  1. Dear Anna,

    When you say things like:
    “Mommy, turn off the rain drops.” (while driving home)
    “Mommy, I need to go downstairs to play with you.” (after faux nap)
    “Mommy, I need to snuggle with you.” (random times throughout the day)
    “Mommy, don’t leave me.” (at the grocery store, while I was reaching for a box of Kashi breakfast bars)

    it all tends to break my heart. Especially that last one, given the imminent time in the hospital with New Little Baby that looms on your horizon.

    In short, if you could just stop breaking my heart, I would be glad to prepare for the arrival of your sister in the next best way – sandpaper patches in my bra cups.
    Yours truly,

  2. Dear Cade,

    The definition of routine: an unvarying or habitual method or procedure. We have a routine- bath, brush teeth, storytime, rock, then bed. In that routine there is no room for your escape plan out of the crib like you did tonight. Mama doesn’t like hearing, your legs climb up the rails, your body landing on the floor, and then you running full speed into the door that’s been shut since we ended this routine. Tomorrow the crib will come down and you will begin life in a toddler bed…and just so you know we will still have no room in our routine for your escape plan out of the new bed.


  3. Dear Lizzy,

    I know being a newborn is all fun and games for you. However, I would really appreciate it if you would go back to sleep after your 1 AM feeding instead of staying awake causing me to hold and cuddle you. While I do love the cuddles, I also would like to get back to sleep. I promise more cuddles will be had when it’s light outside.


  4. Princess,

    I love snuggling with you, I really do. But you cannot sleep on Mama all night every night. I’m sorry that it suddenly makes you sad to sleep on your own even though you’ve been doing it for 7 months, but that’s just the way it has to be. Remember: sleep is good!


  5. Dear Andrew,
    I’m sorry I had to leave you in the care of an incompetent newb (read: your father)because daycare was closed yesterday. I regret that you didn’t nap well and didn’t eat much either. However, please know that your suffering was not in vain, as your father has pledged to come home on time (early, even) every day this summer when I’m a SAHM.

    High five,
    Your Mommy

  6. Dear Kendall,

    First, thank you very much for finally kicking so Daddy can feel you from the outside. I am very excited to be able to share this newest milestone with him. However, please refrain from kicking me during important business meetings. While I am overjoyed to feel you moving around inside me, letting me know you are okay, it is horribly distracting! If the sounds from outside Mommy’s uterus sound dreadfully monotone and boring, feel free to go back to sleep. I promise – you aren’t missing anything!


  7. Dear Bo,
    Throwing food at the dog from your high chair isn’t as funny as you make it out to be. The dog does like treats but you need the food more than she does. Your cooperation is appreciated in this matter.


  8. Dear K-girl,

    I was so looking forward to spending the morning with you, since I only had to work a half day. I wish you wouldn’t have slept the entire time. At least you looked adorable though, right. 🙂


  9. Little Miss Lulu

    I know that I like to try every new food you can, and i love this, but the soil in the pot plant is not food.
    So, you can see why I was a little upset when you tipped it over so you could feast on its loose soil.
    And, you didn’t have to look so sad as I vaccumed up what you hadn’t consumed.

    I love you whatever!

  10. Boys,
    I love that you are sleeping through the night. Unfotunately, mommy has not been lately. So it would be lovely if that on the one day that she is actually sleeping that you sleep in like every other day instead of getting up at the crack of dawn. Thanks!

  11. Dear Muchkin,

    I know you had a great time baking your birthday cake with Nona, and they scheduled the party to start when you would normally have nap time. But you were doing oh-so-well, and you hadn’t even mentioned a nap. I apologize for the blundering doofus (AKA Daddy) that suggested it. I also apologize that upon your waking, I didn’t understand what Da-bees (AKA cryingcryingStrawberriescryingcrying) were and why you were so upset they didn’t “drow” (translation: grow). We didn’t plant any Da-bees this year, but I promise I will buy you some pretty red ones at the store if you promise to not melt down in the middle of your next party. Your cooperation is very appreciated!

    Love always,

  12. Dear Emma,

    Please end your nursing strike. I’m pretty sure about 8 months ago we agreed on this method of feeding for at least 1 year. I suppose we can negotiate some new terms if you’d like, but it makes Mommy incredibly sad when you push away and I DO NOT like pumping. I can also promise ice cream every day once you’re technically allowed to have it 😉

    Thanks for your consideration.


  13. Dearest Lilian,

    There is absolutely no need to rush this entire growing up process. Please refrain from sprouting anymore teeth (the 6 you have are plenty for a 7 month old baby!)! Also, attempting to accomplish all of them in one weekend is very admirable, but again, you really didn’t need to learn to wave, clap, crawl, kiss, and pull up at one time. So with the next round of milestones would you mind spacing them out?

    Your Parents

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