Oh Plah! Chew on this.

What did you do for Earth Day?  Kendall and I spent the day with as few lights on as possible (something we try to do everyday, but we were super conscience of it Wednesday), we walked outside and looked at the trees and grass and flowers, and when Scott got home, we headed to Home Depot to buy flowers (Begonias, which I’m told is a good idiot proof, Texas plant) to put in the giant pot in our back yard.  The pot previously grew a Hibiscus that I killed… on accident, of course.  Here’s hoping the Begonias can survive the Texas heat, my black thumb, and Kendall’s curiosity.

Since I knew Home Depot would be a long trip (my husband was with us, need I say more?), I made sure to wear my Oh Plah! bracelet.  I’ve been wearing this, especially when shopping trips and doctors visits were on the agenda, for a few weeks now, and I love it!  Kendall has been a chewing, gnawing fool lately, with two molars finally breaking all the way through in the last week.  I love being able to take it off and give it to him to keep him occupied, and to keep him from chewing on less desirable things, like the buckles on the grocery cart straps.

And the Oh Plah! Isn’t just a cool, funky, functional piece of jewelry.  It’s also VERY eco-conscience and baby safe.  Made with NO BPA, Phthalates or PVC and of medical grade, non-toxic thermoplastic.  Even cooler, they will recycle it for you when you’re done with it.  Just send it back to the company, and never worry about it ending up in a landfill.  And huge kudos to them for the very minimal packaging.  

As far as the stylish factor goes, I think it’s pretty snazzy.  It’s comfortable to wear (very flexible), and doesn’t *look* like a teether.  It comes in a variety of colors.  Here I am wearing it at a “Rock & Roll” birthday party we attended last week.


I think Kendall loves it so much because it’s something that’s so obviously not a toy, and something that’s mine.  So when I take it off and give it to him to chew on, he’s delighted, almost as much as if I gave him my cell phone… at least for a little bit.  Clearly, the bracelet doesn’t light up and beep at him, but it must give him some strange satisfaction knowing that he managed to get something of mine to put in his mouth.

The Oh Plah! is made by Roundhouse Design Collaborative and retails for $19.99 – $24.99.  But, until June 30th, Baby Rabies readers can get 20% off with the code 409babrab20. Be patient, though.  Looks like I’m not the only one who loves this thing!  They’ve had so much interest in it that they are backordered until mid-late May.

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  1. Sorry you feel that way Joanne, but don’t you think that’s a bit of an overgeneralization? I mean, that’s not ALL I do. I made the decision to do reviews of products that I truly think my readers will find of value in order to add *more* content here. I still strive to write 2 posts a week that are non-product reviews, but, just like before I began “plugging things”, sometimes life gets in the way of that.

    I do appreciate the feedback, though. I sort of felt that way about this weeks posts, too. I was a bit backed up on reviews and had to do two in one week. That, in combo with the new post I had to send to TheBump.com, left me little time to work on additional posts here.

    The Product Reviews are on a trial basis around here, so if you all feel like they are taking away from the blog more than they are adding to it, I would love to hear from you. Would you still like me to post it if there is a Baby Rabies exclusive discount or giveaway to go with it? I assure you. I don’t just “plug” any item pitched at me.

  2. I just love hearing about your life with your kiddo. I am not thrilled about reading about products, stores, etc. cause it has seemed to take over the whole blog. I respect your blog completely and I must respect that you have every right to do whatever you want. I just miss the old blogging ways :(.

  3. I like product reviews, personally. I like knowing all the new stuff that I will probably never buy, haha. I wouldn’t read a blog that was *strictly* reviews, but that’s not what this is. I read “all about cloth diapers” blog, and she has many reviews- I, as a consumer, find them helpful, it’s good advertisement for the manufacturer, and I’m sure the “reviewer” benefits with free/discounted products…to me, everyone wins. 🙂

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