Memos From Mommy

Got a case of the Mondays?  Diaper rash getting you down?  Well, turn that frown upside down. It’s time for the first of many Memos From Mommy!

The idea is simple. Every Monday I will post my own memo to Kendall, a short open letter of sorts, a simple passive aggressive reminder.  Then I encourage you to do the same.  

In the comments section below, leave your own MFM to your child/children.  They can be funny or sweet, just keep them short-ish, and use this as a chance to really get it all out.  Have fun with it!

Every Tuesday a comment will be chosen at random by the Random Number Generator and that commenter will win a sweet prize from the week’s MFM sponsor.  That’s it!

Now, let’s do this thing…







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The winner of this week’s Memos From Mommy, drawn at random on Tuesday, will win a $25 credit for

Without further ado…












Now it’s your turn. Post away!




Sarah is the winner!  Here is her MFM.

To: Anna
From: Mommy

Memo: Because of the horrendous gastro-intestinal “prelude” to my labor with you, I am now beyond paranoid every time I have the runs that your sibling will be coming early. It is for this reason that I bought the wall primer today, not so that you could play percussion well beyond your bath time.
Additionally, although slightly disarming the first few times, your use of the phrase, “I NEED it!” with such appropriate inflection will not hurry any fetching, retrieving, or securing along. Sometimes my priority is driving safely over fishing Pablo off of the floor in the back of the car, and you are just going to have to accept that.
Self-sufficiency is the road to happiness. You can feel free to use that little pearl of wisdom when you misplace one of your binkies tonight at 2:37 a.m.. In fact, I encourage you.