Something amazing happens when you get a group of moms together without their babies.  They have actual conversations, full of complete sentences and peppered with wit and humor. They drink wine and swap labor horror stories that probably make the pregnant girl at the table want to hurl/hide, but they can only laugh at the tales they recall.  Sure, 99.9% of their conversation still revolves around babies, and baby puke, and baby poop, and baby love, but they are conversations that happen fluidly, without the interruption of interjections like, “Wait…NO!  That is NOT a toy.  Put that tampon back in my purse.”  In addition, the women are actually able to make and maintain eye contact without risking child neglect and endangerment.

I had one such amazing experience tonight when I had the honor of joining some great gal pals at my second Metroplex Baby and Kids Best and Hottest event.  And, while I didn’t come home with the biggest prize of the night (but who’s complaining?  I won a Quinny Zapp last Friday at their Stroller Safari!), I did have a blast hanging out with these ladies without a baby in sight.  Because, for me at least, the night wasn’t about winning the Best and Hottest prize.  It was about having an excuse to put on a cute skirt and top that had not a trace of juice or Mum Mums crusted on them, leave the house for a few hours, and just be a girl.

Not only did I have meaningful conversations about the joys of approaching toddlerhood and how to improve my cake decorating skills, but I also learned the most excellent parenting tip to date from my friend Teri.  Are you ready for this?

So…whiskey looks a little like apple juice, yes?  And one would normally put apple juice in a sippy cup, no?  So it would be totally normal to take a sippy cup full of a substance that looks just like apple juice into, say, a sporting event, right?  I mean, especially if you actually had a kid with you.  You see where I’m going with this.  Just make sure you don’t give them the wrong cup!

Then I got to thinking…we received these lovely Boon Squirt baby food dispensing spoons in our goodie bags, and seeing as how we are a little past this phase, I immediately thought, “hmm…how can I repurpose this and make it work for us?”  Well, you can see where I’m going with that, I’m sure.  Put a little Jack in there, mix it around in your coke.  It’s like a bartender in your diaper bag!

Maybe this will not be nearly as brilliant and hilarious to me when I wake up in the morning, but for now I can’t stop gigglesnorting.  It’s been a good night.  I’m drunk on laughter.  Isn’t that just the best?

Kendall is 11 months and 2 weeks old

12 thoughts on “An evening of excellence and brilliance”

  1. Thanks for the sippy cup tip! I’m totally not kidding…we are taking our daughter to her first Mets game on the 29th and I think $8 beer is highway robbery!

  2. ohhh I’m so jealous of this event you went to – it looks like a TOTAL blast!!

    I was totally “giggle-snorting” at your ideas as well…it’s amazing what you can sneak in somewhere in an inconspicious baby object.

    On a side note…we used to sneak vodka into our dorms with those nalgene water bottles (because it looked like water…hee hee)

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