Kendall is getting to an age where he is not so impressed with the purees I lovingly make for him.  Doesn’t matter that I am a rock star domestic goddess when it comes to steaming and mashing up veggies and fruit, he wants nothing to do with them.  So I guess that means we have moved on to the lovely stage of self feeding.  It’s a double edged sword.  I don’t have to spend 2-3 hours every few weeks preparing cubes of squash, sweet potatoes and green beans, but meal time is undoubtedly 10 times more messy than it ever was when I was the one wielding the spoon.

He is very, uhm, independent when it comes to meal time.  So much so that if any spoon is involved, it’s only used after I load it with something (usually thick and sticky, like pastina), place it in front of him, and then let him pick it up on his own.  He proceeds to stick it behind his ear, smear it all over his hair, and maybe, just maybe, gets the tiniest bit in his mouth.  Then he un-ceremoniously drops it on his lap and the dogs compete over who can make the quickest nose dive at his crotch.

The end result (spoon or not) is always a mess of food bits that litter his changing table and carpet below where we strip him down for bath time.  It seems his pants take the brunt of it.

Enter the Baggino Learner’s Bib.  This is one freaking cool mess catcher!

Now,  allow me to take a minute to disclose that this is something that was sent to me to review, and I was a little leery of starting product reviews on here because I don’t want to become some PR puppet.  I’ve always been nothing but honest on here, and don’t intend to change that in exchange for some free stuff.  But, really and truly, I swear to you this is a product I would spend money on (and probably will so I can have more than one).  So, let’s get down to the details…

First thing I noticed is this thing is super duper soft and thick.  It’s double layered cotton terry.  It is very easy to get on with a nice wide Velcro strip at the back of the neck, and the arms slip on effortlessly.  It’s nice and big with room to grow (even for my little muscle man), but not overwhelmingly large.  Best part is it covers his lap pretty well.  We used it on a night we had Crockpot beef and tomatoes for dinner, and my little carnivore went to town. There were meat and tomatoes everywhere, in his hair, in his ears, his neck rolls, but not on his clothes!  The real test came when I took him to his room to strip him down for a bath.  Not a single ounce of beef or tomato rolled off of him onto his changing table.  Success!

My only concern is that the bib doesn’t have any sort of waterproof layer, like for the times he decides to give himself a sippy cup shower, but it really wasn’t an issue that night since a. the double layer terry is super absorbent (and soft! I told you it was so soft, right?  Not like those plastic smocks.) and b. I was a sippy cup Nazi and didn’t let him go crazy.  So, for normal messes, like a little bit of juice dribble and spaghetti sauce, I think it will more than do the job.

I just got it out of the dryer and it washed up very nicely.  Still just as soft, no issues with the velcro. This is very nicely made.

The bib is for sale at for $12.50. Considering this thing will also make a great art smock one day, I say that’s definitely a great price.

Stay tuned for my review of Baggino’s Combination Diaper Bag-N-Changing Belt. Still working on testing that puppy out.  Need to get to a dirty truck stop for a quick diaper change with it.

(Dude!  My ticker is broken!  How the hell am I supposed to know my son’s exact age without it?!  Ugh… He’s something like 10 months, 3 weeks, and eleventybillion teeth)

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